Medication Withdrawal Symptoms

Medication Withdrawal Symptoms

Medication withdrawal symptoms act as a reminder, about as subtle as an alarm clock that the body or mind is having difficulty functioning without drugs.

The Alternative to Meds Center offers inpatient treatment, and our specialty is helping our clients to negotiate through the various stages of withdrawing from medication. It is probably no accident that drug advertisers tend to put the sordid details in unreadably small print, or if on tv, rattled off so fast the listener tunes it out. It's not so easy to ignore withdrawal side effects when they befall you personally. It is encouraging though, to see more doctors raising their awareness of the problems of coming off medication safely.

Medical schools (possibly funded by pharmaceutical coffers) still do not offer training in this subject. But progressive individuals are seeking to inform themselves much more than in the past. No longer do we believe the pharma-jargon that obfuscates medication withdrawals with a fog of "re-emerging mental illness" or "spontaneous psychological disorders" as if they have little or nothing to do with reactions caused by stopping a medication.

There is no mystery. Drugs alter the chemistry of the whole body, which includes the CNS and the vast network of neurons in the brain. When drugs are present, the body adapts to them in the same way it would with any foreign neuro-active substance. When one stops a drug, especially when done suddenly, it throws the whole balancing act out of whack. That is the reason coming off medications can be so traumatic, and in some cases, even life-threatening. Additionally, where the drug suppressed specific functions or hormones or transmitters, withdrawing the drug quickly can set a chain reaction of rebound effects in motion that can overwhelm a person completely.

WARNING: Never attempt to come off medication abruptly, and always seek medical counsel from a practitioner experienced in the subject.

Preparing for a Smooth Taper Experience

Focusing on finding root-causes for unwanted symptoms could suggest other alternative strategies, rather than merely masking problems with drugs. But often, a client may be dealing with a multiple of things. Not only their original symptoms, such as mood swings, or insomnia but now add the client's history of medications with their own sets of side effects. Negotiating a medication taper concurrently with all of that is not the best strategy.

Preparing the client well for a taper can be equally important as the taper itself. As an example, anxiety or even depression link to the accumulations of heavy metals in the body. Toxic-load testing isolates and identifies pesticides, chemical pollutants from a past work environment, and various other sources of contamination.

When these neurotoxic elements are allowed to bind with chelators they can be removed from the body safely and gently. We can use supplements which convert oil-soluble toxins to inert water-soluble form, along with using a low-temperature sauna, removing these through sweat and the excretory systems. Bentonite clay is an excellent cleansing tool as it effectively purges toxic materials in a non-invasive way. We use many such methods to remove neurotoxic substances from the body.

With this accomplished, our clients typically report better sleep, reduction in mood swings, more energy, and a brighter outlook overall. And this would be an excellent point to begin a gradual medication taper. Preparation is necessary to guide gentle, safe medication tapering protocols.

Individual Programs for Medication Withdrawal Symptoms

Each client is assessed, interviewed, tested and programmed in tandem with their unique goals for recovery. We focus on making sure the fundamentals are in place for success, such as clean diet, correct supplements, and all other therapies geared to accelerate the healing process and normalization of neurochemistry. Some protocols used in the program are Reiki, therapeutic massage, ionic foot baths, castor oil packs, prescribed nutrients, clean food diet, nebulized glutathione treatments, cranial sacral massage, yoga and exercise classes, outdoor recreation, and too many more to list here.

Lifestyle changes can be addressed in Life Coaching sessions. Individual counseling can treat trauma issues, personal difficulties, fears, doubts, and many more areas matching a client's interest. Peer support groups are also helpful, as all our clients develop a warm camaraderie which provides a safe and welcoming space for healing. Educational classes about maintaining healthy neurochemistry through nutrition and other subjects are another popular component of our program.

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