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Holistic Detox

Cleaning the inside of the body is more important than one may think. Holistic detox is beneficial in nearly all processes of recovery and healing.

We are exposed to an enormous quantity of toxins from our environment. Our air, our water, our food, fuels, solvents, drugs, heavy metals, hygiene products, dry cleaning, plastics, building materials for our homes and furniture, and really almost everything in our life is, to some degree, a poison with which our body must contend.

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Though we all are affected, some individuals genetically deal with this better than others. Some people can live reasonably on beer and pizza, others smoke one joint and go psychotic.

The Center sees that a major component of the breakdown in mental health can be directly correlated to the toxic impairment of our physiology and poor dietary choices. This is reasonably confirmed when thousands of our participants have had a significant improvement in mental health as a result of dietary corrections and detoxification.

Holistic detox is beneficial in nearly all processes of recovery and healing.

nebulized glutathioneOur detoxification methods are holistic and most of the products we use are naturally occurring substances. The vast majority of toxins are fat-soluble and accumulate in the body forming a cumulative body burden. Just like fat itself, it is difficult for the body to remove these toxins as they must be converted into a water-soluble form to be removed. The Center employs conjugators to convert these nasty chemical criminals into a form that the body can sweat out, or purge through the colon or urinary system.

Other pollutants, such as heavy metals, need to be chelated. These chelators can be natural or synthetic proteins that tightly bind these heavy metals like mercury. We then augment this process with sauna therapy to sweat out the now water-soluble toxins, colonics to clean out the colon, massage, and ionic footbaths. We even nebulize (provide in mist form) certain nutrients such as glutathione so as to deliver detoxifying elements directly into the bloodstream.

Cleaning the inside of the body is more important that one may think.

People with poor genetic detoxification systems are impacted the most and the brain chemistry is often impacted first, as the brain is the most sensitive to chemicals and toxins. A toxic burden can interrupt the way in which neurotransmitters are synthesized. Neurotransmitters are chemical expressions of emotion; therefore, imbalanced neurotransmitters often manifest as a variety of mental health symptoms include addictive behavior, depression, anxiety, psychosis, chronic pain, and fibromyalgia.

We help the progress of removing drug residuals, neurotoxin removal, and body cleansing methods depending on each person’s lab test results. From here, we create comprehensive treatment protocols that are customized to meet each person’s unique biochemical makeup.

We invite you to call us, we are always happy to assist families and individuals who are gathering information in preparation for selecting the right holistic detox program.

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