Lamictal Alternatives

Lamictal Alternatives

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Alternative to Meds Center is a leader in the field of sustainable Lamictal alternatives help for individuals wanting other answers besides staying medicated on Lamictal.

People who suffer from Lamictal associated problems can transition away from these struggles through Lamictal alternatives treatment. We have discovered practical options that can offer a replacement to the side effects, physical dependence and tolerance, and medication ineffectiveness often accompanied by antipsychotics such as Lamictal. Although antipsychotic medications including Lamictal seem to provide relief during the beginning stages of treatment, many people find these drugs hard to tolerate as long-term solutions.

Choosing an alternative to Lamictal ultimately means that the individual is going to discontinue use of this medication. Having qualified professional help for this process is crucial. Luckily, Alternative to Meds Center is a specialty rehab that has dedicated years to finding the right answers to making antipsychotic discontinuation possible and even comfortable.

When Lamictal is removed from the body, the neurochemistry is all out of balance. Dopamine levels, glutamate, aspartate, are all back to their normal processes but what Lamictal does while you are taking it is create too many receptor sites for these neurochemicals. Therefore, there are normal amounts of neurochemicals, but too many receptor sites, making it appear as though there are in fact not enough neurochemicals. The ultimate result is over-stimulation, leading to symptoms of Lamictal withdrawal. Such symptoms can be substantially minimized at Alternative to Meds Center.

While Lamictal is being slowly and carefully tapered off of, a Lamictal alternatives plan can be created and introduced. This is going to be different for each unique case. However, it is important in all cases to investigate the reasons why medication was needed. For some people, the underlying reasons may be hypoglycemia, nutrient deficiencies, or food allergies. In other cases, it might be heavy metals. Exploring and correcting these causes is the most certain Lamictal alternatives help available. It also helps ensure that once off Lamictal, a person will be able to stay off. Adopting a whole food diet is extremely helpful, as well as eliminating sugar and processed food.

While each case is treated in an entirely customized way, some of our common Lamictal withdrawal treatments include sauna therapy, amino acid therapy, nutritional therapy, body detoxification, group counseling, talk therapy, exercise, art therapy, yoga, massage, peer support, and much more.

We are proud to celebrate the success of our residents on weekly basis at Alternative to Meds Center. The stories and achievements of our residents are so extraordinary, this is what inspires us. So many people tell of years spent suffering before finding clarity on their situations here with us.