We bring together skilled team members, including licensed therapists and counselors, doctors from both medical and naturopathic realms, alternative practitioners, acupuncturists, holistic nurses, addiction treatment specialists, and diverse care providers from around the world to administer a program capable of delivering recovery to the complex population that we serve. Below you can meet some of our staff.

Wholistic and Holistic are actually variant spellings of the same practice. The (W)holistic practice is to treat the whole body as the body is designed to work together, rather than to treat individual parts. Traditional psychiatry can often view the brain as an isolated chemical organ and fall short of recognizing the dynamic interplay between the gut, brain, heart, and body and how we move through the world in our lives.

Medical Staff

The ATMC medical team consists of licensed medical professionals such as psychiatric prescribers, a naturopathic doctor, registered nurses, and an acupuncturist. The team blends approaches from both east and west to find the right balance of allopathic and natural methods in healing. Our medical staff works collaboratively with each other and the resident to find the best treatment for their unique needs.

  • Winnie Bunch, PMHNP
    Winnie Bunch, PMHNP
    Medical Director
  • Beth Avakian, RN, BSN, NMD
    Beth Avakian, RN, BSN, NMD
    Naturopathic Doctor
  • Kimberli Galloway, RN, BSN, BA
    Kimberli Galloway, RN, BSN, BA
    Director of Nursing
  • Glenn Marks, RN, BSN, DC
    Glenn Marks, RN, BSN, DC
    Registered Nurse

Clinical Staff

Our clinical team is comprised of skilled and experienced clinicians such as psychologists, therapists, and care managers. Each resident is assigned their own therapist and care manager, each of whom they meet with on a weekly basis. In addition, residents have weekly meetings with their clinical team to collaborate on treatment planning and their unique needs.

  • Nayeem Lokhandwala, LMFT
    Nayeem Lokhandwala, LMFT
    Clinical Director
  • Hannah Gravelle, MSc
    Hannah Gravelle, MSc
    Care Manager
  • Patricia Ruscito
    Patricia Ruscito
    Care Manager
  • Allison K. Depuydt
    Allison K. Depuydt
    Art Therapy Faciltator
  • Christine Spotted Elk, MA, NCC
    Christine Spotted Elk, MA, NCC
    Primary Therapist

Holistic Detox Shoppe

This team is comprised of supplement specialists and holistic detox shoppe members. They include massage therapists, specialists in physiological and metabolic repair, and persons who apply many of the core environmental medicine tenants of the ATMC program.

  • Lotus O’Neal, LNA
    Lotus O’Neal, LNA
    Holistic Detox Shoppe Director
  • Dr. Daniela Hutyrova, NMD
    Dr. Daniela Hutyrova, NMD
    Director of Naturopathic Medicine
  • Nicholas Morgan, BS Ed
    Nicholas Morgan, BS Ed
    Sauna Coach & Breathwork Practitioner
  • Lacy Barnett, CNA
    Lacy Barnett, CNA
    Detox Shoppe Medical Triage
  • Renee Oglesbee, BS Ed
    Renee Oglesbee, BS Ed
    Holistic Detox Shoppe Spa Coordinator
  • Sheri Urban R.N. BSN
    Sheri Urban R.N. BSN
    R.N. & Detox Shoppe Support Staff
  • Rob Helfrick, LMT
    Rob Helfrick, LMT
    Massage Therapist
  • Sarah Peterson
    Sarah Peterson
    Reiki Master/Teacher
  • Kie Yamamura
    Kie Yamamura
    Foot Reflexologist/Sound Healer
  • Kassie Morgan, LAc
    Kassie Morgan, LAc

Care Provider Staff

The care provider team is available 24 hours a day to address the needs of our residents. Our care team prides itself on providing care with kindness, compassion, and respect. Graduates often offer gratitude for the care team stating that they go above and beyond for them.

  • John Camillieri
    John Camillieri
    Program Director
  • Lucas Wilcoxson
    Lucas Wilcoxson
    Care Provider
  • Cierra Greeley, CNA
    Cierra Greeley, CNA
    Care Provider
  • Alexandra Lange
    Alexandra Lange
    Care Provider

Administrative Staff

Our administrative staff work both behind the scenes as well as being present and available in the therapeutic milieu. They are a diverse group of talented individuals who are passionate about this work.

  • Lyle Murphy
    Lyle Murphy
    Founder of ATMC
  • Isaac Levin
    Isaac Levin
    Chief Administrator
  • Eryn Wuori, BS
    Eryn Wuori, BS
    Chief Administrator
  • Twinkle Abraham, MBA
    Twinkle Abraham, MBA
    Accounting & Business Manager
  • Jeannette Huyser
    Jeannette Huyser
    Human Resources Manager
  • Mark Wenzel
    Mark Wenzel
    Outflow Coordinator
  • Carisa Sprecher
    Carisa Sprecher
    Intake Coordinator

Support Staff

Our support staff consists of a team of chefs who prepare all the delicious meals using only organic and whole foods. We have a full housekeeping staff who clean the residents’ home daily. In addition, we have a diverse team of practitioners that offer healing services to our residents.

  • Will Peoples
    Will Peoples
    Facilities Manager
  • Justin Ohler-Ross
    Justin Ohler-Ross
  • Becky Altman
    Becky Altman
    Aftercare Coach & Group Facilitator
  • Rebekah Sage
    Rebekah Sage
    PRN Life Coach & Group Instructor
  • Anna Mancini
    Anna Mancini
    Aftercare Coach & Sober Companion
  • Dawn Walter
    Dawn Walter
    ATMC Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher

Medical Authors and Reviewers

Our content for the website is medically based and meets the highest of standards. For this, we have medically credentialed authors, and medically or otherwise professionally trained reviewers to ensure that we are providing content that is expected from a medical authority website

  • Dr Michael Loes, MD
    Dr Michael Loes, MD
    Internal, Addiction and Pain Medicine
  • Dr. Samuel Lee, MD
    Dr. Samuel Lee, MD
  • Dr. John Motl, MD
    Dr. John Motl, MD
  • Diane Ridaeus
    Diane Ridaeus
    Medical Author and Content Writer
Medical Disclaimer:
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