Cymbalta Alternatives

Cymbalta Alternatives

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Alternative to Meds Center has found effective ways of simplifying this process and alleviating medication associated problems.

When people struggle with Cymbalta side effects, ineffectiveness, or other medication related issues, they often turn to Cymbalta alternatives help for better solutions. We are aware of Cymbalta substitutes that are better answers than living the rest of life medicated on antidepressants. Do you want to watch a loved one, or yourself living life in ways you know are achievable?

Many users of Cymbalta, also known as duloxetine, the serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor (SSRI), desire alternatives to Cymbalta. This drug is prescribed to treat several conditions, namely: depression (also known as clinical or major depression), generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), chronic musculoskeletal pain (including back pain and arthritis), fibromyalgia, and peripheral diabetic neuropathy pain (hand, feet, arm, or leg nerve pain due to diabetes).

Depression is one of the most common conditions which Duloxetine is prescribed. Individuals that take this drug for depression, or other health conditions, may find great relief and release through Cymbalta natural alternatives. Side effects or an insufficient response to treatment is possible to occur with all prescription medications. Antidepressant side effects; intolerability; ineffectiveness; withdrawal symptoms (if the drug is discontinued), and the potential of developing dependency after long-term use are among the possible concerns patients may have during treatment with Duloxetine.

Fortunately, there are very effective Cymbalta antidepressant alternatives for depression or other conditions. Commonly used antidepressant alternatives include: therapy (talk-therapy, psychotherapy, counseling, etc.), other antidepressants, electroconvulsive therapy, and Cymbalta natural alternatives. Therapy as an alternative is an excellent place to start with Cymbalta substitutes. Being able to talk, express and vent about all of your feelings, emotions and problems with a talk-therapist is very valuable and a great release, in fact, counseling is an ample treatment for depression and other mental health disorders for many people. Medical guidance is also important, however when searching for Cymbalta alternatives help, the type of medical practitioner you may want to consult can vary.

For example, traditional doctors are the ones who often prescribe antidepressants and when an individual seeks alternatives to Cymbalta through the doctor who prescribed the antidepressant, a traditional doctor’s first recommendation may be other antidepressants. There are many problems associated with using other drugs as an alternative to Duloxetine; especially for individuals trying to avoid Cymbalta side effects. “Alternative” medications all have side effect risks, the possibility of being ineffective, and causing physical dependence or withdrawal symptoms upon discontinuation.

People are often prescribed to an antidepressant prior to any significant investigative efforts into why the person is actually depressed. Is a depressed individual really just lacking Serotonin? What about food allergies in which internal swelling causes the metabolism to slow down. What about a low thyroid? Or what about an accumulation of neurotoxins like heavy metal toxins which abolish energy metabolism? These are some of the underlying causes that natural Cymbalta alternatives can be based on.

In fact, even if the individual was not deficient in Serotonin prior to taking an antidepressant, the medication may cause a Serotonin deficiency to develop. Serotonin norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors such as Cymbalta don’t produce Serotonin, they stop the reuptake. Serotonin is meant for reuptake, in order for the nerve cell to reuse it. It is a process of conservation. When Serotonin is kept by force out in nerve space (the synapse), it is degraded into metabolites and there is no Serotonin left for re-uptake.

This is similar to how cocaine combats depression only for a short time. Cocaine uses up all of the Dopamine, rather than creating it. Since Dopamine is our reward neuro-chemical, when an individual first consumes cocaine, everything seems rewarding. However, at some point, all the Dopamine is completely gone and nothing holds reward or value to the individual. Serotonin is an inhibitory aspect, it inhibits stimulus from the environment and additionally decreases compulsive thinking and behaviors, and produces sleep neuro-hormones.

Alternative to Meds Center provides medical supervision to help individuals reduce dependence and withdrawal from psychiatric medications. We discover the medical reasons that may contribute to a person’s depression or anxiety. Our program employs lab testing to determine underlying causal factors, natural substances to create neurochemistry stabilization, cessation to remove environmentally accumulated toxins, careful withdrawal techniques, targeted nutritional therapies such as IV amino treatment, massage, peer support, exercise, personal training, yoga, and many other natural Cymbalta alternatives that combat depression.

We find success each and every day at Alternative to Meds Center. In celebration of our participant’s successful achievements, we have weekly graduations. There are up to 50 people who attend each event, including the friends and family of the participant, and fellow residents. A number of unbelievable stories have been heard at these events, some of them recount decades spent in absurd suffering, spoken now with extraordinary clarity. This is an inspiration to us when we get to see this knowing they have all the tools to preserve a healthy way of life and continue to be a beacon for other people. We are inviting you to give us a call, and receive an idea about the kind of Cymbalta alternatives help that is available.