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Alternative to Meds represents a necessary, cultural shift towards achieving wellness. There is an innate healing wisdom that can be awoken using the top-shelf science that surrounds natural medicine.

Mental health and happiness involve more than a prescription bottle

Our Facilities are designed to be the exact contrast of what you would expect from a sterile hospital. We believe that aesthetics are one of the highest forms of healing and that the environment itself is the container in which healing occurs. The facility can house up to 18 persons with both private and shared rooms. Each room has access to the outside directly from the room and is cleaned daily for the guest.

What Is Alternative to Meds Center?

Refreshingly different. We look at mental health, pain and addiction through a physiological looking glass — based on scientific research, evidence-based findings, and results.

Symptoms of mental health, pain and drug cravings often have a correlation to biology. By addressing genetic precursors, toxic body burden, nutritional and medical contributors, we can enhance the success of counseling, as well as behavioral and holistic modalities for better outcomes.

We often blame the external life factors for imbalances that are occurring in our physiology.

Residential Setting

Detox Shoppe

Sedona, AZ Scenery

Our Amenities Are Life-Changing

Progressive mental health and addiction treatments are exciting and liberating.

Uncovering emotions and feelings that have been paved over with medications or drugs is a noble undertaking. We consider it sacred.

Though inherently challenging, this road comes with struggles. Alternative to Meds designed amenities to facilitate your journey to greater well-being with love and the right degree of pampering. Because getting better connected with your true self will lead to living a life empowered, yet often forgotten through drug dependency. There’s nothing more liberating than realizing your ability to overcome and heal from within. Our clients revel in this every day.

Before coming through our doors, our clients were just like you, tired from defeat after a series of failures at other facilities. Beaten down from the toxicity of medications, drugs and various debilitating diagnoses, the light of hope fell dim. Then they came into our Center. Exhilaration washes over, just by feeling the relief and enjoyment in others who are already in our program. The difference is that instantaneous.

Discover more benefits through these loving amenities:

Spa Treatments

We have found that accumulated poisons from our environment contribute to mental health issues. The brain is a biochemical organ and changes in chemistry adversely affect its function. Nutrient and detox facilitated sauna, lymphatic massage, colonics, ionic footbaths, nebulized glutathione, clay masks and castor oil packs allow the body to purge the poisons that may have altered the stability of the body, specifically the nervous system.


Though well-meaning, the professional world often lacks positive guides, promoting medications as the means to fix life problems. Our expert-level, licensed counselors deliver psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral, EMDR and other professional tools during the program to assist in integrating unhealed trauma and other situations that naturally arise when transitioning to drug and medication tapering or removal.

Organic Food

Many mental health problems are, at least in part, attributed to bad food choices. Blood sugar swings, metabolism problems, pesticide residues, lack of certain minerals, enzymes and nutrients seemingly define a large population of those deemed mentally imbalanced. We see this play out in workplaces and, when left unaddressed, the judicial system. We use organic foods and proper food combining strategies to eliminate this very real contributor to mental instability.

Neurochemical Rehabilitation

Neurochemicals, including dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins are made from amino acids naturally occurring in food. Unfortunately, most food that requires packaging and marketing is immensely lacking in its ability to produce these necessary neurochemical constituents to support mental health. Additionally, drugs do not manufacture neurochemicals. Only amino acid precursors and other natural cofactors have the ability to build these neurochemicals. Following these known biochemical pathways, we use natural yet pharmaceutical grade infusions to create a neurochemical environment capable of providing relief for addiction, physical pain, depression, anxiety and other mental health afflictions.

Environmental Medicine

Though environmental medicine is a rather complicated science, it can be summarized as the study of chemicals and poisons existing in our industrial environment; how they affect neurochemistry, hormones, the immune system and organ function; who is susceptible to them and the adverse effects of medications based on genetic polymorphisms (handicaps); and, the methods available to clear these toxins so that function may be restored. Heavy metals, pesticides, chemicals in foods, hygiene products, water and air, medication additives, drug use, and much of what is in our modernized way of life have enabled toxic exposure into our day-to-day. Our mental health facility is the cornerstone in treating toxicity, based upon the principles of environmental medicine, providing positive results for those formerly deemed hopeless.

Medication Withdrawal

A lifetime of medication dependency doesn’t eliminate symptoms but strengthens them, while minimizing you.

Safe, supervised medication withdrawal is essential. Withdrawing from prescribed medications, unsupported, is often a more formidable challenge than doing the same for recreational drugs or alcohol. Our proprietary programs rebuild deficient neurochemical pathways using naturally occurring substances, targeted to address imbalances, without the side effects that commonly come with medications. These and other supporting factors help make medication withdrawal uncomplicated. In most cases, our clients feel better during the withdrawal process than they did while on medication.

More about Medication Withdrawal …

Substance Abuse

He’s attracted to sedatives. She succumbs to stimulants. How does a “drug of choice” happen and do we have a say in the matter?

There are often biological contributors as to why a person is pulled to a certain substance over another. A hypoglycemic may be drawn to alcohol as it is a liquid sugar. A person that is dopamine compromised or has hypothyroidism can be easily lured to stimulants. Someone afflicted with anxiety, rooted in neurotoxic poisoning from excitotoxins, may be drawn to sedatives. An endorphin deficient person may find that opiates provide comfort, temporarily. These and an entire host of other reasons form what we call an addictive biochemistry, unique to each individual. By discovering and demonstrating this phenomenon, drug cravings that come from addiction can be largely thwarted. It is through the identification of addictive biochemistry and behavioral changes that have earned us a successful track record in helping chronic relapsers end their cycle of addiction and experience a drug-free life.

More about Substance Abuse …

Signs, Symptoms & Side Effects

Symptoms and side effects are clues to deeper, underlying problems revealing a larger world of contributors that can be corrected here.

When people use medication to treat their symptoms, it’s like turning off a fire-alarm instead of putting out the fire. The damage may still be occurring and, when left unattended, can result in devastation later. While medications may have their place, mainstream health practitioners often prescribe medication as the only solution. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Alternative to Meds Center goes well beyond this narrow approach by looking to the sources of symptoms including medical reasons, nutritional deficiencies, genetic contributors, lifestyle factors, and the effects of a toxic body burden inherited from our environment. Find more about the types of symptoms and side effects we treat.

More about Symptoms …

Our Approach Is Different than What Traditional Drug Rehabs Offer

Need more info about medication withdrawal and neurochemistry? Our eBook is FREE.

With more than a decade of research and experience in patient care in our residential Center, we have deep insights as to what does and does not work. Through a compilation of time-tested, basic principles and guidelines, our eBook effectively addresses those who may not be ready or able to come to the Center. We realize there is no uniform standard for medication withdrawal and neurochemistry which is why our treatment programs are designed and engaged to each individual as such. Please download our eBook.

You can find a narrated visual version of the ebook here.

ebook medication withdrawal neurochemistry

Alternative to Meds Center is in the Spiritual Mecca of Sedona, Arizona

Sedona is a world-class destination for all things healing, making it ideal for nurturing mental health and discovering new ways of living well.

Most everyone in Sedona was drawn here to facilitate a deeper, multi-layered, restorative experience. The culture itself provides a healing container away from the normal bustle of our otherwise distracted world. The beauty of the land and the rock formations create a sense of wonder capable of reawakening our natural healing master within.

Rather than limit ourselves to an estate home with an indoor gym, we chose this environment because it stands as its own miracle. Walt Disney had originally planned to locate Disneyland here. Thankfully, he was denied the ability. The magic of what made this his first choice becomes apparent as soon as you find yourself hiking on the red rocks, swimming in the various streams, or simply viewing this magnificent creation over dinner.

More about our facility

Facility FAQs

Wondering what the ATMC is like? Refer to some of our common questions for a better understanding of who we are and what to expect. Should you have another question or would like to chat with a member of our professional staff, please contact us.

Do you prescribe medications?
For certain situations, yes. While the goal is typically to help people reduce medication dependence, there are, in some cases, bridge medications temporarily used to assist in the transition process.
How long does the program last?
Typically, the program is 60 days though the timelines can vary depending on the individual. What we are introducing here is a lifestyle, and in that sense, meant to last a lifetime.
Do I have to commit to being medication-free to participate?
No. There are cases where the lowest possible dose is the best interim strategy while a person is embarking on the holistic path of wellness. And there are participants who wish to come off a certain medication or drug, but want to retain using another prescription. We respect these choices and invite people to inquire about their options as our patients’ input is a vital part of our treatment assessment.
Will my family and friends be able to contact and visit me?
Of course! A large component of mental health is connecting you to the ones you love. There are very few cases where a friend or family member was a true detriment to treatment and asked to keep a respectful distance. But in all reasonable cases, we promote family and friend contact.
How many residents can we accommodate at one time?
We can easily accommodate up to 18 persons at one time. We have a combination of shared and private accommodations available.
Do I have to do everything in the program?
No. Each person’s program is designed to suit individual ability and need. There are core aspects that are to some degree “required” but much of the program can be tailored to adjust for individual preference. Our view is that each person is unique and needs to be treated as such.
Medical Disclaimer:
Nothing on this Website is intended to be taken as medical advice. The information provided on the website is intended to encourage, not replace, direct patient-health professional relationships. Always consult with your doctor before altering your medications. Adding nutritional supplements may alter the effect of medication. Any medication changes should be done only after proper evaluation and under medical supervision.

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