Just when you think no one understands you….Then you find us.

15 Years Specializing in Medication Withdrawal.

Located in beautiful Sedona, Arizona, our program helps individuals with medication withdrawal using alternative mental health and holistic addiction treatment. We specialize in offering alternatives to medication and addressing both the psychological and the neurochemistry of addiction, all in a peaceful, therapeutic environment. Alternative to Meds Center is a world authority on the subject of psychiatric medication withdrawal, including benzodiazepine tapering, antidepressant alternatives, and antipsychotic withdrawal.

Up to 87.5% long-term medication withdrawal success

Our integrative approach utilizes evidence-based methods to treat every part of the individual. Residents of the program address the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of their healing journey.

People coming off of psychiatric medication need special considerations not found in a “drug rehab.”  You are likely well aware that getting yanked off of medications would be a disaster. Surprisingly, most help professionals seem to be largely unaware of this. After 15 years of focusing on the worst of the worst cases, we have become the world experts. 

Success is more than just getting off of medications. The symptoms that got a person on medications generally come back if the underlying causes are not attended to. In MANY cases, neurotoxic accumulation of poisons based upon individual genetics gets overlooked. Our program focuses on what is called environmental medicine by pulling out heavy metals, hormone-mimicking toxins, and other physiological and neurological stressors. Simultaneously, highly specific neurochemical and hormone precursors and natural forms of top-shelf science support are administered so that getting off of the medications is even possible.   

We have a staff that many have suffered similarly and actually understand the plight from first-hand experience.  Have you ever thought your doctor does not really understand you? Like maybe if they had ever taken the medication you or your loved one was prescribed that they might suddenly stop dismissing your concerns. We get it, we have fought our own struggles here and many of us consider ourselves survivors. Our methods and information are leading the way for the “new doctor” as the curriculum being taught at licensed educational institutions. Sometimes, medications do have a role, and we have found that most people do not have to live as if the medications are the only solution. Genetics, diet, exercise, detoxification as a lifestyle and the people we surround ourselves with are truly the major components of mental health, yet often get neglected in the “hope” that some drug is going to perfectly fix all of our ills. Symptoms are likely the body and mind literally crying for what it needs. Instead, our bodies and minds tend to get further neglected and dismissed when we dump drugs on them in complete disregard for any other changes. Our mission is to reverse this disregard and to use the most optimum scientific approaches to make life actually worth living again. 

Can Addiction Be Cured…….We have evidence to suggest yes.

Each person has a unique physiology, and at times, that physiology drives us to “crave” things in order to self-medicate ourselves into some state of balance. If we are to slow, we may want to go faster. If we are too anxious, we might want sedation. If we have a sugar imbalance, we may crave alcohol. There are many faces of what we call an ADDICTIVE BIOCHEMISTRY. Our program uses genetic testing and natural neurotransmitter precursors to offset, and often times correct addictive cravings in a way that is nothing short of magic.  

There are reasons why one person craves opiates, and another, a stimulant. Why does one person get crazy on two drinks and someone else remains reasonably normal?  There are physiological drivers for these things and if those factors are not attended to, failure is the typical result. There are certain “hacks” that address these issues so that the other therapies like counseling, step-work, and spiritual interventions even have an opportunity to work.