Xanax Alternatives

Xanax Alternatives

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Alternative to Meds Center knows that efficient Xanax alternatives and other solutions exist besides staying medicated.

For people who suffer from anxiety, inability to sleep or other symptoms and aren’t receiving enough relief from Xanax or are unable to tolerate the side effects and risks or addiction; Xanax alternatives help may be what you need. We have designed precise techniques of Xanax alternatives treatment which allow for people to gently taper off of this medication and begin use of safe, natural and effective substitutes. Prescription drugs are not the only answer. We offer drug-free solutions that can help you achieve lasting relief. We offer safe, effective and proven solutions to stabilize the brain and balance the body. We investigate and correct the source of the problems that resulted in being prescribed Xanax.

Alternatives to Xanax, also known as Alprazolam, include natural medicine, calming therapies, relaxing practices, herbal remedies, counseling and much more. Natural and alternative treatments for anxiety have been used for ages, long before prescription drugs like benzodiazepines were developed; it is a blessing from nature that these straightforward, but powerful alternatives exist. Xanax is highly addictive, has a high risk of abuse, can come with many side effects and can be incredibly difficult to withdraw from. Many individuals would be blown away with the power of Xanax natural alternatives and how efficient they are. Our goal is to offer clients lasting relief and long term success. The benzodiazepine alternatives we provide are targeted to correct underlying causes of symptoms as well as offer immediate relief from symptoms.

Xanax alternative medicine includes the use of natural remedies that can be conjured up from a broad range of different types of herbs, vitamins, nutrients, minerals, and supplements. We offer nutritional therapy, dietary treatment, IV nutrients, supplementation, herbal remedies, minerals, vitamins and natural substances to stabilize brain chemistry. Prior to providing these vitamin therapies and nutritional treatments, lab testing is done to identify deficiencies, toxicity levels and other imbalances. Through investigative techniques such as lab testing, we are able to identify the source of the symptoms.

Natural herbs and remedies which can be used as Xanax substitutes include motherwort, skullcap, catnip tea, hops, and St. John’s wort. Both motherwort and St. Johns wort help stabilize emotions and hops have a relaxing effect on the nervous system. Skullcap nourishes the nervous system, eases anxiety and induces relaxation, and catnip tea also has relaxing effects. Kava kava is a well known natural medicine to alleviate anxiety. Valerian is another well known, natural and powerful anxiety reliever; valerian can also be used at night to induce sleep if symptoms of anxiety are impeding on falling and/or staying sleep. We create an entirely customized treatment regimen for each of our client’s. Treatment regimens may include nutritional therapy, counseling, body detoxification, life coaching, physical training, medication tapering, stabilization of the neurochemistry, and aftercare programs that include paid internship.

Food can be used as therapy for anxiety too. As an example, onions and celery both have high amounts of potassium and folic acid. When a person is deficient in potassium or folic acid, the deficiency alone may be enough to cause anxiousness and nervousness. Getting into the habit of eating healthy, whole foods may help result in a major reduction of anxiety. Our chef serves wholesome, organic and tasteful food. Some of the best Xanax alternatives help also include counseling or other forms of talk therapy and anxiety-relieving activities such as yoga, meditation, massage therapy, and acupuncture. Multifaceted treatment plans are customized for each client by professionals.

Even though these medications are prescribed to help relieve anxiety and to promote sleep, they often end up causing many more problems than the drug was prescribed to control. To understand why benzos may cause problematic side effects or be ineffective, the real causes of anxiety should be examined first. Toxins and neurotoxins, which collect in a person’s body throughout their lifetime, usually produce effects of an over-stimulated nervous-system. Toxins include aspartame, heavy metals, mycotoxins from mold, and literally thousands of other toxic chemicals in our hygiene and cleaning products and in processed foods. An overly demanding workplace, a foundering marriage and other stressors may be added to toxicity, and it can become too much. Often, this is where an individual is at prior to being prescribed to a benzo. Toxins can significantly impact endocrine gland performance, cause hormonal imbalances, and adrenal burnout or cortisol elevation. Even the source of anxiety can be better addressed without Xanax as Xanax covers up symptoms instead of correcting them.

At our treatment facility, in the majority of anxiety cases, we find that there is an accumulation of neurotoxins such as heavy metals in the person’s body over-stimulating their nervous system. Our methods for this particular type of medication include careful techniques for medication tapering, safe removal of neurotoxins that have built-up in the person’s body from the medication or from their environment, neurochemical support through natural substance use, peer support, and endless benefits of therapies targeted to induce relaxation including acupuncture, meditation, massage, sauna and Xanax natural alternatives.

For most persons, rapid Xanax alternatives treatment doesn’t relieve their trouble as anxiety will stay behind even if the medication is gone. Our focus is to provide long term success and to teach our clients how to remain healthy and happy without drugs. Professional counselors are here now to answer questions. Please call in order to know more about what may be done to provide Xanax alternatives help to you or your loved one.

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