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Risperdal Tapering

Risperdal Tapering

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Written by Diane Ridaeus
Medically Reviewed by Dr Samuel Lee MD

Alternative to Meds Center provides a program that has been developed over many years to avoid the common pitfalls associated with Risperdal tapering. Sadly, there are few medical professionals who have the training and expertise to navigate Risperdal tapering well.

The use of Risperdal and other antipsychotics, even when correctly prescribed as in a time of obvious crisis, needn’t automatically mean being medicated for life.

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Alternative to Meds has provided expert Risperdal tapering for over 15 years. Over this time we have accumulated and published evidence regarding the overwhelming successes of our clients. Our aim is to provide a non-toxic pathway to true healing and relief from unwanted symptoms without drugs. It takes perseverance, along with a carefully designed program and our clients’ success speaks for itself.
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It is not necessary for a person tapering from Risperdal to suffer fierce symptoms of Risperdal withdrawal. Fortunately, the center has developed clinically proven ways that can make such side effects and symptoms fade into the past. Our aim at the Alternative to Meds Center is to provide and teach drug-free methods that help people to feel healthy and positively focused on their life without suffering from Risperdal side effects and Risperdal tapering symptoms.

Risperdal a Favorite of the WHO

Since the drug’s arrival to market in 1993, the World Health Organization has placed Risperdal on its “essential medicines” list, a stunning worldwide endorsement.1 It is used in treating psychosis, schizophrenia, mania, bipolar symptoms, and even irritability in autism. As a side note, the killer drugs amitriptyline2 and fentanyl3 also appear on that list.

Common Difficulties With Risperdal Tapering

What doesn’t get so widely advertised perhaps, is the extreme difficulty that persons who want to come off Risperdal or risperidone may typically experience. However, Alternative to Meds Center provides a program that has been developed over 15 years to avoid the common pitfalls associated with Risperdal tapering. We aim to help our clients regain more robust health in the process. In this way, reactions to the drug itself, and during tapering from Risperdal can be minimized significantly. Such care taken in the tapering process can, quite often, reduce the risk of rebound psychosis and the need for periods of hospitalization.

Safeguarding Health During Risperdal Weaning

risperdal tapering and weaningWARNING: The FDA and other regulatory bodies clearly recommend not to abruptly stop taking antipsychotic medications such as risperidone, Seroquel, Zyprexa, Ability, and others. But little else is offered in the way of training by regulatory bodies or, tragically, even to doctors who are in medical school on how to accomplish the task efficiently for their patients.5

A person who has made the decision to come off Risperdal or similar drugs is usually already in a somewhat compromised position as regards their health. Seeking the assurance of experienced caregivers will be of great help and support. It is wise to seek competent medical care and guidance before, during, and after medication discontinuation.

There is help available, at Alternative to Meds Center, and also through many holistically-oriented physicians and holistic psychiatrists. You can seek them out for help when needed.

Additionally, you or your loved one and those in your circle of support would be well-advised to seek information about the process and how to help ensure the steps of tapering from an antipsychotic medication are correctly, gently, and safely done.4

The Role of Nutrients in Restoring Healthy Neurochemistry

risperdal titrationA clean diet with additional micronutrients and supplements can open the door to experiencing better health. While that might even sound a bit cliche, nutritional support is one of the most essential working parts of healing after aggressive drug treatments.6

There can be many reasons why corrective nutrition can produce remarkable improvements that it does, not only to brain chemistry but for improved sleep, digestion, and restoring a healthy and functioning microbiome. The microbiome is a vital piece of recovery puzzle as it is where most of the natural neurochemicals are produced and then distributed to all parts of the body. This supports all the major organs, such as heart, liver, lungs, brain tissue, nerve endings, circulatory system, immune system, skin, hair, eyes, and thousands upon thousands of other aspects of the human body.

Drugs can strip out vital nutrients and sub-nutrients, and coupled with what may not have been the best diet choices during drug-based therapy, deficiencies can be restored for vastly increased energy and functionality that can benefit the entire body.

Removal of Neurotoxicity

In the presence of toxins, the cell walls are not able to absorb and process nutrients well. Neurotoxicity also plays havoc by upsetting the equilibrium of the body by interfering with natural neurochemistry, causing over or under-activity of certain organs, glands, and tissues. These accumulations of what are basically poisons can cause tiredness, insomnia, gut problems, even depression or anxiety, and other discomforts.

These pollutants can be gently purged from the body using gentle means, like low-temperature saunas, nebulized glutathione, chelation, mineral baths, and other effective protocols. When the body burden of neurotoxicity is removed the client typically reports better sleep, improvements in appetite, more energy, a calmer disposition, and many other benefits. When these healthy changes are in place, and the client is stable, this is a good time to begin tapering.

Learn About Alternative to Meds Center

The center is an inpatient facility that is comfortable, ultra-clean, and luxurious, making the client’s stay an enjoyable and memorable experience.

The staff is impressive, to say the least. With holistic psychiatrists, medical doctors, and competently trained clinicians, therapists, and caregivers, 40 expert and compassionate staff are at the helm.

effective risperdal treatmentsThe center provides a wealth of ultra-effective therapies to assist with any discomforts that may arise during the tapering process, including massage, Reiki, cranial-sacral therapeutic massage, counseling, peer support, soothing mineral baths, and many others. The client is consulted daily so that their designated team can instantly coordinate any micro-adjustments needed, and oversee any other program steps or changes that can be monitored all the way through.

Meals are deliciously prepared by our gourmet chef, who is knowledgeable about corrective diets and the power of orthomolecular (diet-based) treatment protocols. Meals and snacks are prepared with fresh mostly organic and locally sourced produce and meats, fish, poultry, and other sources of proteins, daily use of fermented foods, in a keto-based prep style. No sugars, preservatives, food additives, etc., are used in preparing the most delicious and energizing meals, salads, smoothies and snacks imaginable, all of which are highly popular with our clients.

Find Out More About Our Risperdal Titration and Weaning Program

We invite you to contact the center to get more information on the program details, costs, length of stay that may be recommended, and answer any insurance questions and other queries you may have.

We are here to provide support and information during the sometimes difficult decision-making process. Please call us to find out more about how our world-class Risperdal tapering program may be the authentic type of help that you or a loved one have been looking for.

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Dr. Samuel Lee

Dr. Samuel Lee is a board-certified psychiatrist, specializing in a spiritually-based mental health discipline and integrative approaches. He graduated with an MD at Loma Linda University School of Medicine and did a residency in psychiatry at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and University of Washington School of Medicine in Seattle. He has also been an inpatient adult psychiatrist at Kaweah Delta Mental Health Hospital and the primary attending geriatric psychiatrist at the Auerbach Inpatient Psychiatric Jewish Home Hospital. In addition, he served as the general adult outpatient psychiatrist at Kaiser Permanente.  He is board-certified in psychiatry and neurology and has a B.A. Magna Cum Laude in Religion from Pacific Union College. His specialty is in natural healing techniques that promote the body’s innate ability to heal itself.

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