Success Back Pain and Withdrawing from Opiates and Ambien

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Thank God I came to the Alternative to Meds Center … The physical therapist at a famous hospital couldn’t accomplish in 4 months what I accomplished in 2 weeks at Alternative to Meds Center through acupuncture, massage, spiritual therapy, intense body cleansing and diet.

Success Solving Back Pain and Withdrawing from Opiates and Ambien

I injured a disc in my back approximately one year ago and due to poor medical treatment (dry needling) the injury got worse and spiraled into severe pain. Due to the physical pain and emotional strain, I had a hard time sleeping. My doctor prescribed Ambien and opiates and I found not only did (this) shut down the mind and put me to sleep, it also relieved the pain.

Within a month I was abusing Ambien day and night. Before long I was a total mess. I was using Ambien to escape my back issues and life. This abuse and its consequences were very destructive to my wife and kids. It also contributed to my back issues getting worse.

Before coming to Alternative to Meds Center I was taking 30-40mg of Ambien per day. I couldn’t stop on my own. I tried counseling, but all they wanted to do was put me on antidepressants, which I knew was not the answer.

I almost went to a very expensive, traditional rehab facility which would have robbed me of the opportunity to receive Alternative to Meds Center’s unique care and methods of treatment; methods that healed me body and soul!

I got off Ambien completely in less than a week due to their truly groundbreaking detox approach which uses natural supplements and a specially designed sauna detox program. Within a week I was a different person and my back pain made remarkable progress.

The staff are all remarkable people, and real. It’s not an act. They are changing people’s lives. From the owner Lyle on down these are very special professions. Their methods make the elimination of meds so much easier than transitional tactics, and permanent – while filling your soul.

This is a life changing choice and thank god I made the right one.

I have a very successful business, a great wife, and two wonderful young boys. I could have afforded a more expensive treatment facility, but had I gone this route, the truly highest cost would have been to me and my family had I not come to Alternative to Meds Center.

I am back, physically and emotionally. Put simply, I owe it all to Alternative to Meds Center.

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