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Colonics and Basti Enemas

Alternative to Meds Center uses colonics to lessen toxin body burden and improve mental health.

Much of the physical components of Alternative to Meds Center involves liberating toxins stored in tissues such as brain, organ and other cells. When eliminating toxins from the body, these toxins often attempt to re-deposit themselves in the colon. This load then has to get cleared by the colon and other elimination pathways. If the exit routes are compromised, then the elimination is also compromised. These are the same toxins that destroy brain chemistry and that altered brain chemistry then results in cravings and drug addictions. We are using these colon purging techniques to ensure that the toxins are non-reabsorbed while hanging around in the gut. Colonics help assist in the facilitation of toxic debris to be fully cleared out. In order to ensure that toxins do not reabsorb while hanging around the colon, Alternative to Meds Center employs colon hydrotherapy to purge the colon.

Colonics are often an essential part of the detoxification process.

Colonics eliminate mucus which inhibits essential nutrient absorption. When a person isn’t getting adequate nutrition, their neurochemistry is often the first thing that is negatively affected. Therefore, anxiety and depression can occur, as can lack of passion and even drug abuse. This is because these conditions are heavily influenced by neurotransmitters. A lack of proper nutrients often manifests as mood disturbances often before any organ dysfunction or tissue alterations occur.

Chemicals and toxins can ruin and change brain chemistry, and then that altered brain chemistry often results in drug cravings, mental health symptoms and addictions. Colonics help the person absorb what they need in order to create balance. There have been many documented cases at our center where the gut was the primary cause of mental issues. Toxin producing parasites, a very common issue, can also be addressed with these techniques.

These treatments are optional, but are strongly advised for persons suffering a heavy chemical burden such as those prone to environmental allergies, as these types of issues are largely correlated with toxic impairment. Also, many benzodiazepine users have slow gut mobility and constipation. Even parasites can cause bowel issues, and we’ve seen cases where the parasites were likely addicted to the medications and would create havoc for the persons system as they tried to withdraw! Parasites, Candida and molds can release endotoxins similar to food poisoning when they feel threatened and likely do so during certain medication withdrawals. We invite you to contact us, as we are always happy to help individuals find the correct treatment path for their personal needs.

We commonly forget how crucial it is to cleanse the inside of our bodies. Call 1 (800) 301-3753 for more information about colonics, and other facets of the Alternative to Meds Center program.

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