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Art Therapy

Art therapy can be an expression of someone’s psychology, and a great deal can be learned through the interpretation of one’s art.

While many artists of all levels of proficiency enjoy this therapy extremely keenly, art therapy is of particular use to the resident who does not articulate themselves well in a traditional talk session. The art therapy also may provide an appreciation for the simple beauty that life has to offer in a way that is accessible at any time one chooses to express it. It is often our lack of creative outlet and even sheer boredom that leads us to filling that void with less healthy options such as drugs or ruminating mental patterns. Art therapy gives a place to focus that mental energy into a higher octave.

Art therapy provides a creative outlet that is invaluable during the process of healing.

Art therapy uses the creative process of making art to enhance mental, emotional and physical well-being. It is founded on the idea that the creative process of artistic self expression assists people to develop interpersonal skills, resolve conflicts, manage behavior, increase self esteem, decrease stress, and gain insight. Art therapy is therapeutic art making, with a professional facilitator, and is particularly useful for individuals who have experienced trauma, illness or challenges with living, and individuals who are seeking personal growth. By creating art and reflecting on the processes and products of art, individuals can increase their self awareness, cope with symptoms, traumatic experiences and stress; increase cognitive abilities; and enjoy the affirming pleasure of creating art.

Art therapy can have substantial benefits throughout recovery.

Alternative to Meds Center programming includes the use of art and other therapy modalities to give the client as broad a horizon of recovery options as possible. Some clients might resonate with one or another of these, but all can potentially benefit from a wide enough address to the problem.

To discuss these therapeutic facets of the program please call our helpful staff who will be happy to assist you in understanding what you may gain from participating in this treatment program.

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