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Klonopin Alternatives

Klonopin Alternatives

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It seems that many in the medical profession are either unaware of or disinterested in Klonopin alternatives. The fact that Klonopin is one of the most-prescribed sedatives in the world underscores the need for effective alternatives.

Benzodiazepines like Klonopin require a different treatment protocol than most other drugs and must be performed with great patience and exactness.

Are you feeling alone in this struggle? So did we.

successful klonopin alternatives
Alternative to Meds has been the expert on benzodiazepine alternatives for over 15 years. We have published evidence highlighting our success. Some people can indeed manage to stop taking benzodiazepines easier than others. But some are neurotoxic, forcing them into a ruinous overstimulated state and before they can regulate, they will need to clean up that toxic burden. Of course, each person is different and needs to be programmed on an individually designed regimen that will work the best for them.
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You probably already know the horrors of this drug. Benzodiazepines are typically more difficult to withdraw from than heroin. And, trying to live life on benzos can be a mess.
Please watch the videos you see here or call us to get hope about your situation.

Good News About Klonopin Alternatives

Klonopin alternatives medical teamFor people who are suffering from anxiety or other conditions and do not want to put up with side effects, physical dependence, discontinuation symptoms, and other Klonopin-related problems; help with alternatives to Klonopin is available. We provide help to individuals who want to stop taking this medication and start using more effective alternative methods to address symptoms and conditions. We also provide gentle methods of coming off harsh drugs like Klonopin and help with other medication-related problems.

Klonopin® belongs to the class of drugs known as benzodiazepines. These are renowned for their highly addictive properties and horrendous side effects. Many individuals have led the search for effective benzodiazepine alternatives. Klonopin is mainly prescribed for the treatment of anxiety-related disorders, panic attacks, and epilepsy. However, long-term Klonopin use is typically not well tolerated by most individuals because they encounter bothersome side effects and/or the drug proves ineffective. If you feel that your condition, whether it be epilepsy or anxiety-related, is not getting better or if you are encountering drug reactions that are hard to endure, you may consider Klonopin natural alternatives. We can help you safely come off of a prescription drug that has not proved effective for you, and transition to the use of an effective and safe alternative treatment plan. We endeavor to educate our clients on how to be medication-free and experience natural mental health for the rest of their lives.

Common Side Effects of Klonopin

Klonopin has a significantly long list of potential side effects, that may make seeking alternatives to Klonopin much more appealing, not to mention safer.1

As medical literature shows, there are hundreds of known side effects, and too many common Klonopin side effects to list here. Some very concerning side effects include thoughts about death, thoughts about suicide, new or worsened anxiety, insomnia, compulsive behavior, mania, psychosis, compulsive marching or pacing, and other motor movement disorders.

The Many Dangers of Klonopin

Special FDA Warning – the FDA has put a black box warning on many CNS depressant drugs including Klonopin regarding consuming opiates concurrently due to the heightened risk of fatality.1 Other CNS depressants such as alcohol should also be avoided while taking Klonopin.

Additionally, operating heavy machinery or other dangerous activities are not recommended because the drug can make you sleepy or dizzy. Klonopin carries its own risks aside from the above, including the risk of becoming addicted or dependent.2

Safe, Effective Klonopin Alternatives

safe benzodiazepine alternatives There are many medications that may be used as alternatives for epilepsy and anxiety treatment. However, the traditional medications considered as benzodiazepine alternatives have many of the same Klonopin side effects and other problems associated with benzos. Traditional doctors may recommend antidepressants or other benzodiazepines as an “alternative” prescription drug but we are not talking about substituting one drug for another. In short, it is crucial for individuals to know that there are many effective forms of Klonopin alternatives in treatment that don’t involve the risk of side effects or dependence. Traditional treatment with prescription drugs is certainly not the only choice.

Natural alternatives to Klonopin can be highly effective in addressing symptoms of anxiety. Though physicians seem largely unaware of the fact, anxiety may be treated without the use of drugs.3 In fact, antidepressants and benzodiazepines do not cure or fix anxiety, but they may cover symptoms up while the drug is in the body system. However, when you decide to stop taking these drugs, all the problems you previously had will become present again. Many therapeutic aids exist to soften Klonopin withdrawal such as talk therapy, lifestyle adjustments, vitamin therapy, healing activities like acupuncture; massage, and others.

Effective Klonopin Alternatives – Therapies That Work

Equine Assisted TherapyAs a person progresses through the process of getting off Klonopin, the program at ATMC ensures that the person is always making progress. Gradually, symptoms lessen and may entirely disappear.

Alternative therapies can only put you ahead, not behind as these treatments don’t carry side effect risks, addiction issues, or withdrawal symptoms. Our purpose is to identify, address, and resolve the underlying causes of anxiety, instead of temporarily masking them with medication.

There are so many remedies and natural medicines that can be relaxing, pain-relieving, calming, and anxiety-relieving just like prescription medications but without potential side effects or other problems. Klonopin alternatives that will help can include natural remedies that have been used long before the introduction of anti-anxiety drugs. Natural herbal remedies and medicine can come from a variety of different sources and may be consumed in many ways. Healing medicines may come in rawest and purest forms, which can be acquired from an herbalist, in the form of tea, capsules, as well as home-made tinctures and other forms. Personal empowerment can include learning stress reduction techniques and learning other ways to produce a calming, uplifting effect.

Klonopin Alternatives Include:

  • Supplementation*
  • Vitamin therapy
  • Dietary guidance
  • Herbal remedies
  • IV nutrient therapies
  • Equine-assisted therapy**
  • CBT and other forms of counseling
  • Holistic (non-drug-based) anxiety treatment regimens

* Supplementation clinical studies show positive results
** Animal-assisted therapy has been shown effective for anxiety, PTSD, according to clinical trials.

Types of Therapeutic Klonopin Alternatives

getting off klonopinWe offer cognitive behavioral therapy, which is particularly effective for anxiety and other related conditions. In addition, we believe that food is a terrific way of feeding your brain and healing your body along with making other lifestyle changes such as exercising more, speaking to a counselor once a week, and partaking in healing therapies regularly. Commonly recommended Klonopin alternatives help therapies for anxiety include acupuncture, talk therapy, yoga, meditation, massage, chiropractic therapy, counseling, and relaxation techniques such as deep breathing and many, many more. Benzodiazepine alternatives can be significantly effective and can come in all forms and shapes, call and talk to one of our admissions counselors to find out more about our program. We employ holistic, safe, proven methods to stabilize brain function and relieve symptoms.

Insomnia, Anxiety, and Benzodiazepine Use

InsomniaThough benzos are given to people to promote sleep and reduce anxiety, when they are used long-term, they usually cause more trouble than they were dispensed to treat, including the absolutely horrid reactions such as insomnia and increased anxiety when trying to stop taking the drug.

We find that in most instances of over-stimulation, the individual has acquired an accumulation of neurotoxins that remain stored in the body. These can be from contact with heavy metals, pesticides, chemicals in air/water/cleaning supplies, etc. Additional toxins including MSG, mycotoxins, mold, aspartame, and literally thousands of other chemicals that are in processed food and hygiene products have similar effects on nerves.

These toxins are over-stimulating the nervous system, causing unwanted symptoms such as anxiety, panic attacks, and insomnia. Often, this is what might lead to the initial use of Klonopin.

Other sources of too much stress might be a workspace that is over-demanding, a foundering marriage, or other exterior stressors that life can throw at one. The result could be a total overwhelm, and collapse of normalcy. Often the reasons that underlie anxiety can be treated better without Klonopin since users ultimately develop tolerance, where the drug no longer has any calming effect at all.

What does a Klonopin High Feel Like? – Notes on Klonopin Addiction

A question we get frequently asked is regarding the “Klonopin high.” What does a Klonopin high feel like? The “Klonopin high” refers to a sensation of euphoria, similar to cocaine or other drugs, that can easily lead to addiction. Street use of benzodiazepines is not uncommon due to this intoxicating “side effect.” Healthcare workers report that the “Klonopin high,” like any other drug-induced euphoria can be a heavy-hitting factor in addiction. Benzodiazepines are commonly used as street-drug substitutes to get high when other drugs are not available.

Cleaning Out Neurotoxins for Better Health Naturally

stabilize brain chemistryWe have routinely found on testing that accumulated toxins are present where anxiety or other psychiatric symptoms have led to a prescription of benzodiazepines.  

These toxins have significant impacts on endocrine gland functioning which may result in hormonal imbalances, adrenal burnout, and cortisol elevation. Many psychiatric symptoms have been linked to toxic exposures, including ionizing radiation, pesticides, nerve gases, heavy metals, solvents, chemicals in food and cleaning products. 4

These toxins may safely be removed using gentle chelation and other methods. Benzodiazepines are among the most common type of drugs that we are asked to deal with. A significant number of persons have reported that unguided Klonopin withdrawal is if not virtually impossible, extremely difficult. Our diverse set of methods for addressing this particular type of medication include careful techniques for tapering, removal of built-up neurotoxins, natural substances that create neurochemical support, peer support, correction of diet and nutrient deficiencies, and many other beneficial therapies for promoting relaxation such as massage, sauna, meditation, and acupuncture. We know how to help people discontinue benzos with minimal discomfort, which makes life without benzodiazepines and without anxiety possible. 

Alternative to Meds Center Klonopin Alternatives That Work

Do you feel like neurotoxins are poisoning your nervous system? For a lot of people, rapid withdrawal treatments will not alleviate the problem, since the anxiety will stay present even if the drug is not.

Our goal is to create long-term relief and sustainable success for clients. Our scientific methods have helped thousands discontinue medications and naturally become mentally healthy. Please call to find out more about how Alternative to Meds Center can provide you or your loved one help with Klonopin alternatives.

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Dr. Samuel Lee

Dr. Samuel Lee is a board-certified psychiatrist, specializing in a spiritually-based mental health discipline and integrative approaches. He graduated with an MD at Loma Linda University School of Medicine and did a residency in psychiatry at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and University of Washington School of Medicine in Seattle. He has also been an inpatient adult psychiatrist at Kaweah Delta Mental Health Hospital and the primary attending geriatric psychiatrist at the Auerbach Inpatient Psychiatric Jewish Home Hospital. In addition, he served as the general adult outpatient psychiatrist at Kaiser Permanente.  He is board-certified in psychiatry and neurology and has a B.A. Magna Cum Laude in Religion from Pacific Union College. His specialty is in natural healing techniques that promote the body’s innate ability to heal itself.

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