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Unlike traditional methods and facilities, you are more than a diagnosis or number in a research study. You are unique with special talents and specific needs that come from the concern expressed by you or those that care about your wellness. We get to know every facet of who you are, as if we were family. Because we are.

Our staff is compassionate and here to ensure recovery happens.

Our exclusive, invaluable program is an investment towards a better future. No one else offers complete medical, spiritual, behavioral and peer-driven treatment, in a luxury setting of this kind, worldwide.

Admissions Information

Our program pricing is about half the cost of most traditional programs.

We are a licensed, residential, holistic mental health and addiction treatment center helping thousands
of people withdraw from drug dependence. Through exemplary commitment from our staff, it’s been our mission for more than a decade.

Affordable Pricing

Drug addiction and its corresponding symptoms of withdrawal will affect each individual differently. The length of treatment needed will vary though the typical stay is eight weeks. Others can benefit from as little as four weeks here. You’ll find that PPO insurance may cover many of the costs.

To effectively provide the level of detoxification needed to the central nervous system and a simultaneous lifestyle reboot, together, we need time. In fact, there is no quick fix… but a fix immersed in science-based self-care nonetheless. That’s the beauty of what we offer. We address genetic issues, toxicity factors and behavioral re-patterning. Through this, you are better able to feel the blessing of life rather than the burden.

For more details, please call or email us and one of our professional admission advisors will review your needs and help you understand the costs of treatment, insurance benefits and other options available.

Verify Insurance

When we do the legwork ahead of time, you can focus on what’s important – recovery.

Working through your insurance coverage can be confusing and stressful, especially when dealing with detox and holistic-based treatment protocols. Not all PPO insurance allows for the same types of coverage, treatment allowables, and percentages of payment for care. Allow us to help you with the process so that the time spent behind our doors is as it is meant to be – seamless, uninterrupted, productive and positive.


What to Bring

Going to unfamiliar surroundings can be awkward. Don’t worry. It’s warm and welcoming here.

Everything about the Alternative to Meds Center is different than the standard practices and fare you’d find elsewhere. It’s by design and part of what makes us successful. In a way, we think it’s based on common sense. What we ask of you during your stay takes on a similar approach. Because we focus on healing every aspect of your being, we want you to come as you are. Dress comfortably and be ready to leave toxic thoughts, habits and destructive lifestyles behind. Your designated admissions advisor will also provide details in privacy upholding the strictest of confidentiality.

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We Accept Most Major Insurance Providers.

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