ATMC is open during the COVID-19 pandemic and providing essential mental health and wellness treatment. WE TEST EACH PATIENT FOR COVID-19 prior to entry.
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About Us

Alternative to Meds Center uses the very best of the medical, psychotherapeutic and holistic worlds to provide you with the most complete integrative and transformative program offered in the country.
Medical, psychotherapeutic and holistic therapies to provide you with the most complete integrative and transformative program.

Transformative Medication Withdrawal and Addiction Treatment

Our licensing board claims that we are the most advanced facility that they are aware of specializing in all forms of medication withdrawal and addiction treatment. To achieve this standard, we have aligned with the best minds in the business, and have aggregated our staff from around the country to form a true model of what integrative care really means.

We bring the licensed therapists and counselors, doctors from both medical and naturopathic realms, alternative practitioners, acupuncturists, holistic nurses, addiction treatment specialists and diverse care providers together from around the world to deliver a program capable of delivering recovery to the complex population that we serve.

Our accommodations are luxurious and retreat-like in Sedona, AZ, rather than a sterile and cold institutional type setting. We feel that being surrounded by beauty helps individuals reconnect with the things they love, which is one of the highest forms of healing.

We Accept Most Major Insurance Providers.

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Holistic Mental Health and Addiction Treatment Articles

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