Physical Pain

Physical Pain

Physical Pain

While pain is a personal experience, there are benefits to obtaining help from people who actually understand how overwhelming and incapacitating it can be.

James Frey, author of A Million Little Pieces, writes about pain. “If there was a God, I would spit in his face for subjecting me to this. If there was a Devil, I would sell my soul to make it end. Please end. Please end. Please end.” Because pain is a subjective and personal thing, there are advantages to seeking help for it from others who truly understand how overwhelming and debilitating it can be. The staff at Alternative to Meds understands how excruciating pain can be.

Like emotional stress or mental pain, physical pain symptoms especially if chronic will ruin one’s hopes for a full and satisfying life. However it is important to seek out the right kind of help for each individual. One hears many reports of seeking help for pain from practitioners who have become unsympathetic and somewhat divorced from understanding the depth of suffering that physical pain brings. The “fast fix” practice of prescribing highly addictive pain medications does speed up the flow of patients through a doctors office, but clearly does not provide a way to address the healing process. This is observably a recipe for prolonged suffering. This common pathway to addiction often finds a punitive regard on the part of practitioners toward the now addicted patient. Punishment is not a workable or even humane answer to that. Opiates are the commonest drugs used to relieve pain but must be prescribed only when needed, and most prudently, when other therapies have been tried and found ineffective. A stretched muscle may not require morphine or synthetic heroin to treat, but these are not uncommon drugs to prescribe for such transitory pain issues and can lead to years of distress and suffering for the patient.

Physical pain can be addressed with an array of therapies that are alternative to addictive opiates.

What is not so transitory is the addictive quality of these opiates. The addiction can set in quickly and linger long after the physical healing has occurred. If one is struggling with an addiction to opiates or other drugs to combat physical pain, yet the pain is long gone, perhaps it is time to seek a humane physical pain treatment protocol that will assist one to the next level of healing. Call the number listed on this page to speak to someone at Alternative to Meds Center. We have successfully treated thousands of opiate addiction cases because our clients’ health and freedom from opiates is our highest priority.

Physical Pain

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