When panic attack symptoms happen repeatedly, one desperately wants them to stop happening.

There may be few things more terrorizing than experiencing a panic attack. For those who have been lucky enough not to know what one feels like, here is a brief description. When one suffers a panic attack, one experiences a very sudden onset of symptoms like extreme fear and apprehension, shortness of breath, commonly accompanied by a strong feeling that they must escape from wherever the panic attack started. Think of sitting in your home at night, and everything is quiet. Suddenly, out of nowhere, someone is pounding loudly on your door! Think of how upsetting and frightening that could be. At these moments, adrenaline is being pumped into the bloodstream which is the source of this “fight or flight” response. It is not uncommon for the feelings to subside in about 10 minutes, but can linger for much longer before it stops completely. Additionally, the fear of having another panic attack occur can sometimes cause great distress over long periods of time.

Living with panic and fear can seriously hinder one’s life, however, there are ways to correct and relieve these problems.

An all too common panic attack treatment is to medicate the person with benzodiazepines, or SSRI ( antidepressant ) medications. But because there can be all manners of underlying reasons for the body to suddenly dump adrenaline into the bloodstream, this short sighted treatment can actually prolong the suffering of an individual who is experiencing panic attacks. Such things as parasites have been found as one causal factor in panic attacks. Some medications themselves cause panic attacks, as do certain food additives and toxic chemicals that could be in the air or food we eat or water we drink. Aspartame and other toxic chemicals in food, food additives commonly found at the grocery store, have been linked to panic attacks. There can be many triggers which are somewhat hard to spot, without professional help and testing for these.

Our methods are drug-free and aim to discover the underlying causes of panic, which allows us to provide customized treatment that leads to sustainable relief in most cases.

Often, the solution to something as upsetting as panic attacks can be isolated and treated through simple lab testing and going over a full history of the individual for clues as to what may have been the precursors to these debilitating attacks. We offer tapering programs for Librium withdrawal and many other drugs. We have an open invitation for anyone to call us at the number listed on this page for more information on how the center and it’s cutting edge holistic protocols may be able to assist and provide relief for the symptoms of panic attacks and many other conditions.

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