Paranoia can greatly hinder one’s life, and we can help bring this symptom into balance naturally.

Here is some good news concerning paranoia: since those suffering from extreme paranoia symptoms will not usually overtly seek treatment, it is likely that if one is reading this then one is not a hopeless case because effective paranoia treatments are available. Almost everyone at some point or another will experience feelings of suspicion, even if when it might be considered illogical to do so. “Is that cop over there looking at me?” while one is driving through a populated urban area. Or after a visit to the casino, one can wonder was one’s wallet secretly tampered with, and so on. One occasionally jumps to conclusions, or has a hasty thought before thinking something through in a logical manner. That’s nothing to worry about. So, that’s the good news.

However, there are more severe, sometimes extreme examples and signs of paranoia. If one is taking drugs of any sort, whether cocaine, marijuana, antipsychotics or mood stabilizers, and one begins experiencing paranoid thought patterns, it may be prudent to ask, “Is it “paranoia” or is it the drug that’s causing the problem”? Since statistics show that drug use precedes the vast majority of patients who present with mild to extreme paranoia symptoms, it is wise to consider other choices of treatment besides a heavy hitting prescription of Risperdal or the like. Here’s the bad news: alarmingly, millions of children, including 25% of all foster children in the USA are on heavy prescription drugs, since a very early age.

We promote drug-free, non-invasive treatments that are scientific in nature and address the underlying causes of the problem.

Drugging children is a 5 Billion-dollar-a-year business. Whether or not these children were suffering from paranoia, mood swings, or other troubles, likely they will be by the time they reach adulthood because these are known side effects of such drugs. Surely this is an ill conceived plan of action toward assisting these children in overcoming emotional obstacles. Sadly, it is not just the children who are being overprescribed, but adults as well. We all can have emotional obstacles and troubles, and perhaps before reaching for a prescribed medication it might be worth looking at different treatment approaches to the problem.

It’s important to know that other options are available besides medication for paranoia treatment.

Here’s the best news of all: many people have found relief through correction of diet, nutrition, lifestyle and other factors. Find out more about non harmful paranoia treatment options at Alternative to Meds Center. Anyone can certainly call the number listed on this page and is warmly invited to speak to a friendly and knowledgeable staff member today.