Effective management of psychosis often requires professional medical guidance, however, this does not inherently mean that prescription medication is needed.

Psychosis could be defined as the state of losing contact with the reality of the outside world, due to an altered state of mind. This can be preceded or not by substance abuse. It is often preceded by incidents of stress, fear, physical or mental exhaustion, toxic exposure and other factors. Sometimes, it can be hard to trace what occurred prior as the person is not able to reflect upon this with normal clarity. Memory may also be impaired. It’s a difficult situation to be in when trying to isolate the correct psychosis treatment.

The usual treatment for full blown psychosis is to drug the patient. This is sometimes unavoidable if the person’s own safety or that of others is at risk. But once stabilized, there is typically no further delving into what preceded the episode. This may leave the patient burdened with the same psychosis symptoms and at risk of repeating the scenario over and over again. Even when cars break down, a full diagnostic regimen is routinely done to see where the problems lie. Surely the same should be available for people. Simply leaving someone on psychotropic drugs with no further psychosis treatment protocols to prevent a recurrence cannot be the best that can be offered.

There are other, and often more effective, approaches for psychosis besides medications that make a person feel drugged.

If one has been subject to psychosis type episodes and lingering symptoms from this, and feels one needs an overhaul, call the Alternative to Meds Center at the number on this page to speak to a knowledgeable staff consultant who can answer any questions on diagnostic testing and correction of the factors which preceded the troubles with psychosis or other symptoms. The Alternative to Meds Center has the goal to assist its clients to attain true and sustainable health, physically and emotionally

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