Mood swings frequently affect a broad range of individuals, and are often unable to be permanently managed with medication alone.

Variation in mood is sort of an indicator that one is alive. It’s a good thing. Mood swings are a more intensified and excessive version of what would normally be an expected emotional response. Some women have intense mood swings “out of the blue” or that coincide with PMS. Men also experience mood swings that are excessive and uncomfortable. At the Alternative to Meds Center, we have found that excessive mood swings are almost always due to physiological issues such as blood sugar, food allergies, or other variations in normal chemistry. Different responses to different stimuli is healthy. The trouble with mood swings that occur too often, or over too wide a range, is that these wild changes can leave one in a condition of unpredictability, upset and emotional exhaustion. If one is not living in a battle zone, yet is excessively swinging daily from fear to euphoria to rage to hysteria in a more or less haphazard way, one would consider mood swings of this severity to be an extremely troubling condition.

Research has begun to show some interesting and useful facts concerning mood disorders that can open the door to a resolution of the problem. Nutrition and diet, and specific lab tests for certain deficiencies have now shown great success as treatment factors to help stabilize repeating and excessive mood swings. Certain recommendations can alleviate most if not all of this problem and its symptoms. Simply trying to chase each symptom of a mood swing with a different prescription has shown to be fruitless, and even harmful, causing the mood swings to spiral even further out of control. At Alternative to Meds Center, we consider that each man or woman has their own unique cellular landscape, and this is why lab testing is so useful. Taking the guesswork out of finding out where the deficiencies and toxic loads are, is not only time saving, it can mean a return to a higher quality of life.

Our drug-free methods of correction have helped more than a thousand people to achieve mental health without the use of prescription drugs.

For more information concerning treatments for mood swings and similar symptoms which are available with us, call us at the number listed on this page, and one of our helpful staff would be happy to discuss how these protocols could help one to regain and sustain wellness. We also offer tapering programs for Geodon withdrawal and many other drugs. We have treated many suffering from mood swings and would be happy to provide information that may make the decision making process of where to seek mood swings treatment very much clearer for our future clients.