Joint pain is a problem for many people and it can be addressed with simple, natural processes

Joint pain can come upon us through Rheumatoid Arthritis, Bursitis, Gout, or even a sprain. Also, as we experience the wear and tear of age, joint pain can become more intrusive in our daily life experience. For an athlete, joint pain symptoms can make the difference between winning and losing a game or a race, but it can also mean the difference between independent living and relying on others for the simplest of tasks. Is there any way to avoid this all too common complaint?

The first line of defense is to investigate what may have precipitated the condition. Even though joint pain seems to be part of the natural aging process, or even if it seemingly came “out of nowhere”, it may be prudent to investigate the symptoms further to see if any clues can be discovered that will lead to a treatment protocol that will work. In some cases, the discovery process could also find lyme disease to be present. Possibly it is a Gout or Bursitis related problem. Perhaps there is a deficiency that can be corrected with a change to the diet. There can be many adjacent conditions that when treated, will also offer a reduction in joint pain symptoms. One of the commonly overlooked factors is toxicity that has built up over time in the body, especially in the muscles. When toxic load is reduced, often times so is the previously endured joint pain or other lingering symptoms.

Lab testing, such as is done at the Alternative to Meds Center, can help to pinpoint the underlying reasons that may be aggravating or in some cases directly contributing to joint pain.

It is recommended that one finds out more about what can be done to turn this condition around, and regain freedom of mobility without the need for medications that often bring their own set of problems with them. Simply call the number listed on this page, and a knowledgeable and helpful staff consultant at Alternative to Meds Center will be happy to discuss options of joint pain treatment without medication.

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