Lack of libido is a common issue, and we aim to help our clients, both men and women, sustain a healthy sex drive – naturally.

Research tells us that there can be many factors leading to lack of libido, otherwise known as lack of sex drive whether in men or women. Hormone imbalances, menopause, hysterectomy, pregnancy, nutritional deficiencies, lack of sleep, stress, age to some degree, and certain medications can all be pointed to as leading to lack of libido. Since a healthy sex drive is considered part of a satisfying and balanced life, it is no wonder that so many who suffer from lack of libido are anxious to find resolution to the problem. Studies have shown that lack of libido is often tied to marital breakdowns, so this is a serious problem from a societal point of view as well.

The best way to determine the relevant factors concerning lack of libido is to have a complete history and assessment done in regards to the condition. If it began after onset of menopause, or after pregnancy that would be significant. If lack of libido began after a career change, or a change in medications, that would also be significant. Whatever the underlying issues concerning the problem, it can take a team to accurately decipher and asses the most relevant factors that could result in lack of libido and its related symptoms.

Our team is here to look at all of the possible reasons that may be underlying lack of libido or other symptoms.

The cutting edge technology relating to whole health is available to anyone coming to the Alternative to Meds Center. A team of specialists is waiting to assist clients in delivering a holistic set of treatment protocols. This means that a personalized and tailored treatment program will be designed toward effectively handling the lack of libido symptoms and any other problems that can ruin quality of life. Call us at the Alternative to Meds Center in at the number on this page. There is someone standing by to take your call everyday.

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