Though your lack of sleep may be making you feel like a basket case, there is hope. Sleep disturbances can be addressed, and don’t always require medication.

It is a shocking fact that 45% of children aged 11 – 17 in the USA suffer from sleep deprivation. Adults suffering from sleep disturbance symptoms make up more than all asthma sufferers and diabetics put together. Those are pretty alarming statistics. Often drugs are prescribed to alleviate the sleep disturbances, and often this is a short lived source of relief.

What can be done about sleep disturbances?

Reasons for sleep disturbances can include sleep apnea, hormone issues, certain medications, stress, sinus trouble, and a host of others. Sleep disturbances lead to sleep deprivation. Sleep deprivation is responsible for symptoms that resemble ADHD, anxiety, mood swings, depression, even obesity has been found to be related in some cases, so it may be prudent to find out what solutions are available for sleep disturbance treatment. While sleeping pills might seem the logical choice, even some doctors tend to use medications as a last resort, due to the fact that sleep medications can after a short rebound and then have the opposite effect, worsening the condition. Such things as restless legs syndrome (RLS), muscle tension, eating too late in the evening and sleep apnea are all treatable with non invasive and non harmful means. Though lack of sleep may be making one feel like a basket case, there is hope.

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