Headaches are some of the most common, and most painful, occurrences.

There are many kinds of headaches, such as sinus headaches, tension headaches, cluster headaches, and so on. Everyday headaches are particularly troublesome to deal with. The most severe type of headache is the migraine headache. But for all of these types of headache, there are few things more relentless or excruciating. Fully 80% of the population experiences the pain of tension headaches, migraines, cluster headaches, or some combination thereof. The pain doesn’t actually emanate from brain tissue ( there are no pain receptors in brain tissue ) but sometimes it feels like a good solution might be to chop off one’s head

So if chopping off one’s head is not really a solution then what else can be done? An equally unworkable solution would be to take antidepressants, the latest proffered headache treatment from the pharmaceutical companies. At Alternative to Meds Center, we feel the best way to get to the bottom of headache symptoms is to eliminate possible causes or triggers, such as toxic load, poor food choices, allergies, hormone fluctuations, and many other possibilities. Alternative to Meds Center leaves no stone unturned in finding out what could be causing or exacerbating the problem. This is done through extensive lab testing to hone in on the particular characteristics of the problem, and to offer relief from the ongoing discomfort one may have been living with, even for those suffering from daily headaches.

This amount of relief can dramatically change your life for the better.

Once the underlying causes and triggers can be isolated, a non harmful and non invasive headache treatment solution can be prepared and executed. This might be the answer to the suffering one may have been experiencing for many years, and does not involve more medication which tends to mask the problem and continues to pollute the body with its many sensitive and interlocking systems.

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