When Joseph was a child of 6, he often sailed on Viking Ships, piloted jet aircraft, and talked with Kings and Queens. We would be concerned if by the age of 12 he was still manifesting these beliefs to the exclusion of any other thoughts or activities. However, now that Joseph is 72 and a retired salesman, he spends his time building model Viking ships and planes which he gifts to his grandchildren, managing his retirement investments, and holidaying in the Bahamas with his wife of 50 years. Joseph still has his boyhood fantasies and dreams, but is not experiencing delusional symptoms.

Delusions can come in all forms, and are commonly treated with unnecessary prescription drugs.

Joseph had a son, Mark, who experimented with drugs and alcohol at the age of 19, and was under a lot of stress relating to his upcoming college exams. Mark gradually became more and more delusional, being convinced that the CIA were tailing him and even had microphones hidden under the carpets, and then refusing to sleep for fear of being “taken in the night”. Mark’s health rapidly deteriorated, and he suffered a breakdown and had to be hospitalized. During the course of his treatment he was given powerful drugs which numbed his mind and finally allowed him to sleep. But, he did not do much else than sleep during this time.

Through correcting what is going on under the surface, relief can occur without taking mind numbing drugs.

After 3 months of hospitalization, Joseph found a physician who was also a naturopath, who advised some testing to see if there were any physical areas that needed correcting, such as blood sugar levels, toxicity, glandular or hormone anomalies, and vitamin and mineral deficiencies. When the testing was done, specific problems in all of the above areas were found. With proper rest, proper nutritional correction, and corrective delusion treatment, Mark was able to wean off the medications and gradually regain his strength and mental clarity. His symptoms of delusions abated completely. Now Mark has graduated college and has a family of his own. He steadfastly keeps his diet and sleep patterns in a healthy way and has not relapsed in over 12 years.

Customized counseling, diet, lifestyle changes, nutrition therapies, exercise, and more can help bring your body and mind into balance and relieve delusional symptoms.

These are the kinds of stories that are experienced more commonly than one might expect. However, not all are as fortunate as Mark who was able to recover from his delusional symptoms with the correct help. If one is suffering from such symptoms that are spiralling out of control, it is recommended to contact us for a free consultation to see if the symptoms can be addressed in an effective and safe way. We also offer tapering programs for Clozaril withdrawal and many other drugs. Call the number on this page to find out how we may be able to assist one who seeks the path to sustainable health and wellness.