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Holistic Treatments for Physical Symptoms

The symptoms and pain of physical ailments are usually indications that something is wrong.

Unfortunately, the typical path of treatment is to medicate the symptoms without further investigation into what the body is trying to tell us. That is like shutting off a fire alarm rather than addressing the fire. A number of people going through our Center found that once they eliminated inflammatory foods, remarkably, they found pain relief and, in doing so, avoided scheduled surgeries and were able to get off of pain medications. This is one of many simple, straightforward solutions to very complicated physical manifestations.


arthritis painIt is thought that before the turn of the century, arthritis was relatively unknown. Many African Americans now have been diagnosed with arthritis, yet in the 1950’s, not a single case of arthritis was to be found in Africa. Since arthritis is THE most common cause of disability in the US today, whether rheumatoid arthritis, arthritis of the knees, or indeed any arthritic joint, this is a major concern for many people, across the genders, and across all ethnicities. Doctors are reluctant to admit that “there is no cure” and with this lack of treatment options, the problem is spiraling to unheard-of proportions. Some agencies predict by 2030 that one in three will be diagnosed with arthritis symptoms of some form of arthritis. The drugs that are prescribed do not cure, and sometimes even complicate the problem.

Some agencies predict by 2030 that one in three will be diagnosed with some form of arthritis.

The good news is that some remarkable arthritis treatment research has been done by some leading physicians, with amazing results. For instance, the condition known as “leaky gut” ( undesirable permeability of the intestinal walls ) has been pointed to as being a potential factor in this condition. This condition allows toxins and undesirable waste products to re-enter the system, causing inflammation and other symptoms, some of which are called “arthritis.” Therefore it is expedient to remove toxins from the body and to reform one’s diet to foods that do not promote leaky gut and support the healing process. Parasites, food allergies and toxic environments, as well as diet, have all been found to have a connection to arthritic symptoms. This is good news indeed for those who have suffered for too long from debilitating arthritis, and who have even become addicted to pain pills because of their arthritic condition.

The drugs that are prescribed do not cure, and sometimes even complicate the problem.

If one is suffering from arthritis, whether rheumatoid or any form, it is likely that an overhaul of the gut, the blood, and also the diet has yet to be corrected. Alternative to Meds Center may have the answers you have been seeking for your arthritis treatment. Don’t give up hope! Call us today to learn about leading treatments that are available for you in your unique situation and your unique symptoms.

Back Pain

back painSo common is back pain, whether chronic or acute, that reports say 80% of the population has at least felt some minor discomfort, and many have felt considerable pain leading them to seek back pain treatment for relief. Chiropractors can and do educate their patients about proper care of the spine and soft tissue surrounding it, but often it is only after the fact of an injury. In a 3-trillion-dollar-a-year industry of treating back pain, one would think that a prevention-based education campaign including prevention-based exercises, could be launched with great success. Back pain may have already happened through an injury at work, or a motor vehicle accident, or after years of sagging muscles that have now become a constant painful reminder that the spine just won’t stay straight.

While back pain sufferers should seek treatment, that treatment should not inherently be addictive painkillers.

Degenerative conditions (some genetic, some from neglect) are responsible for a fairly large percentage of back pain symptoms. It is thought that such things as proper diet and exercise both of which support muscle strength, correcting obesity which puts a strain on everything, and other major factors could if not prevent, at least lessen the level of discomfort. Often the most obvious causes are ignored until the day of reckoning when the back pain has become so pervasive and severe, that prescribed medication seems the best, or at least most instant, source of relief. Because the condition is now chronic, and relief has become a desperate demand, it is likely that addiction to pain pills is imminent.

Back pain can cause serious setbacks in one’s life and may lead a person to easily accept a prescription for pain relieving opiates.

If one has become addicted to pain pills, whether due to back pain symptoms or some other reason, Alternative to Meds Center provides education and treatments to help ease pain naturally. This may enable one to decrease or even eliminate the use of pain pills. Call today to find out more. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff are available for a personalized consultation that may provide more options for back pain treatment than have been explored previously.

Chronic Pain

physical ailments chronic pain

There is hope for any person living with symptoms of chronic pain. If your pain has lasted longer than six months, it is very likely chronic. Perhaps your chronic pain is degenerative, or possibly the result of a surgical procedure. Or, it may have been caused by an extended illness. Or perhaps you suffered a nasty fall. Whatever the cause, chronic pain often brings with it secondary complications. Pain can indeed be a complex issue. Typically, the conventional treatment for pain is addictive medication and/or other ineffective treatments. We’re here to tell you there are proven, holistic chronic pain treatments and therapies for removing the root causes and for reducing or eliminating pain in many cases.

Chronic pain may be debilitating, but it is addressable with the proper treatments.

There has been much cutting-edge research done over the last ten years or so leading to new and effective pain treatments that are equipped to investigate and treat the underlying causes of chronic pain. There is a reason some gardeners have lush thriving gardens, and conversely, some struggle to keep their plants flourishing. It is no different with people. If you know what it is your body needs to be healthy and well, then health is attainable. Medication alone should not be the only treatment offered. Often times the effects of medication, which is becoming all too often referred to as pain management, can leave a person worse off than the original symptoms they had.

You may be at a turning point and Alternative to Meds Center would like to provide you with the different course of action you are searching for.

If one feels educationally in the dark, and one’s doctor has not given the means to make improvements in chronic pain conditions beyond the next prescription, perhaps it is time to change one’s course of action. Alternative to Meds Center would like to provide that different course of action. Call today, one of our knowledgeable and helpful consultants can answer any questions about what investigative and health-returning options are offered at the center.

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Headaches are some of the most common — and most painful — occurrences.

physical ailments headachesThere are many kinds of headaches, such as sinus headaches, tension headaches, cluster headaches, and so on. Everyday headaches are particularly troublesome to deal with. The most severe type of headache is the migraine headache. But for all of these types of headaches, there are few things more relentless or excruciating. Fully 80% of the population experiences the pain of tension headaches, migraines, cluster headaches, or some combination thereof. The pain doesn’t actually emanate from brain tissue ( there are no pain receptors in brain tissue ) but sometimes it feels like a good solution might be to chop off one’s head

So if chopping off one’s head is not really a solution, then what else can be done? An equally unworkable solution would be to take antidepressants, the latest proffered headache treatment from the pharmaceutical companies. At Alternative to Meds Center, we feel the best way to get to the bottom of headache symptoms is to eliminate possible causes or triggers, such as toxic load, poor food choices, allergies, hormone fluctuations, and many other possibilities. Alternative to Meds Center leaves no stone unturned in finding out what could be causing or exacerbating the problem. This is done through extensive lab testing to hone in on the particular characteristics of the problem, and to offer relief from the ongoing discomfort one may have been living with, even for those suffering from daily headaches.

This amount of relief can dramatically change your life for the better.

Once the underlying causes and triggers can be isolated, a non-harmful and non-invasive headache treatment solution can be prepared and executed. This might be the answer to the suffering one may have been experiencing for many years, and does not involve more medication which tends to mask the problem and continues to pollute the body with its many sensitive and interlocking systems.

Alternative to Meds Center has protocols that may help to investigate and resolve the problem.

Joint Pain

Joint pain is a problem for many people and it can be addressed with simple, natural processes

joint painJoint pain can come upon us through Rheumatoid Arthritis, Bursitis, Gout, or even a sprain. Also, as we experience the wear and tear of age, joint pain can become more intrusive in our daily life experience. For an athlete, joint pain symptoms can make the difference between winning and losing a game or a race, but it can also mean the difference between independent living and relying on others for the simplest of tasks. Is there any way to avoid this all too common complaint?

The first line of defense is to investigate what may have precipitated the condition. Even though joint pain seems to be part of the natural aging process, or even if it seemingly came “out of nowhere,” it may be prudent to investigate the symptoms further to see if any clues can be discovered that will lead to a treatment protocol that will work. In some cases, the discovery process could also find Lyme disease to be present. Possibly it is a Gout or Bursitis related problem. Perhaps there is a deficiency that can be corrected with a change to the diet. There can be many adjacent conditions that when treated, will also offer a reduction in joint pain symptoms. One of the commonly overlooked factors is toxicity that has built up over time in the body, especially in the muscles. When toxic load is reduced, often times so is the previously endured joint pain or other lingering symptoms.

Lab testing, such as is done at Alternative to Meds Center, can help to pinpoint the underlying reasons that may be aggravating or in some cases directly contributing to joint pain.

It is recommended that one finds out more about what can be done to turn this condition around and regain freedom of mobility without the need for medications that often bring their own set of problems with them. Pick up the phone to speak with one of our knowledgeable and helpful staff consultants at Alternative to Meds Center who will be happy to discuss options of joint pain treatment without medication.

We would love to speak with you about alternative treatments for joint pain and other bothersome symptoms.

Lack of Libido

Lack of libido is a common issue, and we aim to help our clients, both men and women, sustain a healthy sex drive … naturally.

low libidoResearch tells us that there can be many factors leading to lack of libido, otherwise known as lack of sex drive whether in men or women. Hormone imbalances, menopause, hysterectomy, pregnancy, nutritional deficiencies, lack of sleep, stress, the age to some degree, and certain medications can all be pointed to as leading to lack of libido. Since a healthy sex drive is considered part of a satisfying and balanced life, it is no wonder that so many who suffer from a lack of libido are anxious to find a resolution to the problem. Studies have shown that lack of libido is often tied to marital breakdowns, so this is a serious problem from a societal point of view as well.

The best way to determine the relevant factors concerning the lack of libido is to have a complete history and assessment done in regards to the condition. If it began after the onset of menopause, or after pregnancy that would be significant. If lack of libido began after a career change or a change in medications, that would also be significant. Whatever the underlying issues concerning the problem, it can take a team to accurately decipher and assess the most relevant factors that could result in a lack of libido and its related symptoms.

Our team is here to look at all of the possible reasons that may be underlying lack of libido or other symptoms.

The cutting edge technology relating to whole health is available to anyone coming to Alternative to Meds Center. A team of specialists is waiting to assist clients in delivering a holistic set of treatment protocols. This means that a personalized and tailored treatment program will be designed toward effectively handling the lack of libido symptoms and any other problems that can ruin the quality of life. Call us at Alternative to Meds Center. There is someone standing by to take your call every day.

Call us today to learn more about our treatments for lack of libido.


The debilitating pain of migraines can seriously impede one’s daily life.

migraineIt is probably no great consolation to know that one is not alone in one’s suffering, however, statistics show about 11% of the population also suffers from migraine headaches. Some suffer from tension migraines, others have what is known as cluster migraines, but each with its own set of intolerable symptoms of discomfort. A common pre-migraine symptom is the “aura” which is described as a change in perception, for instance, wavy lines may appear, or strange light perceptions, changes to taste and smell, and many other characteristics of this aura. The aura acts as a signal or warning that a migraine is imminent. The migraine, especially the chronic migraine, is a particularly nasty type of affliction, and costs not only employers much in lost production time, but it also costs much in the quality of life and perhaps even one’s income. It is not really possible to effectively work when a migraine comes on.

Over the counter medications like aspirin and Tylenol work for some, but for others, these medications are reportedly not very effective against a migraine headache. Even stronger medications like the one that Michael Jackson overdosed on, have been used to attempt to relieve migraine pain. The problem with using only medication to relieve migraine pain, especially if the frequency is moderate to high, is that when the medication wears off, the headache can also come right back. This is called a rebound headache and this can become a real tough situation. If one has become frustrated with ineffective and problematic migraine treatments, it may be time to investigate alternative methods of treatment.

Our approach includes drug-free, non-invasive techniques that create substantial relief in most cases.

Since we know that toxicity and sensitivity to certain substances and types of foods can certainly trigger migraine symptoms, these are but two areas of many that we can check into help find a better way to reduce the frequency and severity or even prevent these migraines from occurring at all. We also offer tapering programs for Depakote withdrawal and many other drugs. Please call the number listed on this page to speak to a knowledgeable staff consultant, who can answer any questions regarding treatment protocols used at Alternative to Meds Center for migraine headaches.

Become informed, and become empowered as you travel along the path to your sustained health and wellness.

Panic Attacks

When panic attack symptoms happen repeatedly, one desperately wants them to stop happening.

panic attackThere may be few things more terrorizing than experiencing a panic attack. For those who have been lucky enough not to know what one feels like, here is a brief description. When one suffers a panic attack, one experiences a very sudden onset of symptoms like extreme fear and apprehension, shortness of breath, commonly accompanied by a strong feeling that they must escape from wherever the panic attack started. Think of sitting in your home at night, and everything is quiet. Suddenly, out of nowhere, someone is pounding loudly on your door! Think of how upsetting and frightening that could be. At these moments, adrenaline is being pumped into the bloodstream which is the source of this “fight or flight” response. It is not uncommon for the feelings to subside in about 10 minutes, but can linger for much longer before it stops completely. Additionally, the fear of having another panic attack occur can sometimes cause great distress over long periods of time.

Living with panic and fear can seriously hinder one’s life, however, there are ways to correct and relieve these problems.

An all too common panic attack treatment is to medicate the person with benzodiazepines, or SSRI ( antidepressant ) medications. But because there can be all manners of underlying reasons for the body to suddenly dump adrenaline into the bloodstream, this short sighted treatment can actually prolong the suffering of an individual who is experiencing panic attacks. Such things as parasites have been found as one causal factor in panic attacks. Some medications themselves cause panic attacks, as do certain food additives and toxic chemicals that could be in the air or food we eat or water we drink. Aspartame and other toxic chemicals in food, food additives commonly found at the grocery store, have been linked to panic attacks. There can be many triggers that are somewhat hard to spot, without professional help and testing for these.

Our methods are drug-free and aim to discover the underlying causes of panic, which allows us to provide customized treatment that leads to sustainable relief in most cases.

Often, the solution to something as upsetting as panic attacks can be isolated and treated through simple lab testing and going over a full history of the individual for clues as to what may have been the precursors to these debilitating attacks. We offer tapering programs for Librium withdrawal and many other drugs. We have an open invitation for anyone to call us at the number listed on this page for more information on how the center and its cutting-edge holistic protocols may be able to assist and provide relief for the symptoms of panic attacks and many other conditions.

Protracted withdrawal is something that should truly be handled with medical care.

“In most cases, our protracted withdrawal treatments significantly reduce or eliminate painful symptoms.”

protracted withdrawalIf one is reading this article, likely it is already known all too well what protracted withdrawal means. One may have experienced the tremendous difficulties of attempting to taper off a drug that just won’t easily allow one to do so without debilitating protracted withdrawal symptoms. One may experience many symptoms such as muscle aches, cramping, brain zaps, chills, fever, pain, nausea, uncontrolled crying spells, sleepless nights and many other discomforts in protracted withdrawal.

When withdrawing from a drug like a benzodiazepine, or any highly addictive substance, such as Effexor or any of the antidepressants, the calming and pleasant feelings that it initially provided are now reversed, so the euphoria is now depression. The pain relief is now pain. The calm feeling is now a panic attack, or the dread of one about to occur. It can be life-threatening, in fact, to try and withdraw too quickly from a certain number of drugs. It is never a good idea to cease any benzo or prescribed drug abruptly, as this can overwhelm the various systems in the body and is risky.

It is recommended to always seek medical monitoring when deciding to taper off any meds. It is just too unsafe to try it without medical oversight. Be safe and seek medical help with this. Even under a general practitioner’s care, the symptoms associated with protracted withdrawals can be intolerable. However, one must not despair, because there is a better protracted withdrawal treatment solution available.

Don’t Wait to Get Help

Please call us for more information about a comfortable and safe cessation without protracted withdrawal symptoms. Our staff have helped literally thousands go through the process with success. We are here to assist and we do understand the problems and how to avoid protracted withdrawal symptoms. We have many families who have successfully had a loved one complete their taper and recovery with Alternative To Meds Center without protracted withdrawal. We can provide you with families to speak with so you can feel confident about our services.

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