With the cutting edge technology available at Alternative to Meds Center, transitory, acute or chronic insomnia and its related symptoms can be treated toward a very effective resolution.

Insomnia is a troubling condition which can be transitory ( lasting no more than a few days or a week ), acute ( lasting a week or more ), or chronic ( lasting a month or more ). Whether it is financial worries leading to insomnia symptoms, or less definable factors, stresses of whatever nature leading to insomnia can take their toll on quality of sleep and quality of life. With cutting edge technology available at Alternative to Meds Center, these factors can be treated toward a very effective resolution of insomnia and its related symptoms.

Insomnia is a frequently occurring problem that can have significantly negative impacts on one’s daily life.

Medications such as benzodiazepines, barbiturates and others are available for traditional insomnia treatment. However, due to the risk factors associated with becoming dependent on them, or experiencing daytime ill effects, it is thought that non-medication based solutions like CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Counseling) or relaxation techniques, have superior and in fact longer lasting positive effects and relief from insomnia and its symptoms.

Though there can be a wide number of reasons ( not uncommonly toxicity issues ) that skew the normal production and distribution of sleep neurohormones, Mercury has been found to be the most typical of these toxic substances. Mercury is a common toxin from dentistry and other sources, and it directly disables the conversion of the neurotransmitter Serotonin to sleep-inducing Melatonin in the brain. And, in cases such as this, just taking Melatonin will not alleviate this mechanism. Therefore purging mercury from the body would be a preferred treatment to use along with all of the above in relieving the condition of insomnia and its related symptoms.

We aim to correct the underlying problems that may be causing insomnia so that with treatment our clients can achieve relief without the use of drugs.

In treating symptoms like insomnia at Alternative to Meds Center, we strive to achieve wellness without medication, and the related symptoms of insomnia are addressed in a holistic way to provide relief and long lasting positive change. We offer tapering programs for Diazepam withdrawal and many other drugs. We have proven that our treatment protocols are effective and have helped many clients who suffered for years with insomnia. Don’t suffer any longer! Call us at the Alternative to Meds Center today at the number on this page for more information on how we can effectively provide sound treatment for the condition of insomnia.

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