Emotional pain can feel just as, or even more, intense as physical pain.

Human beings are able to withstand much; during war, when personal tragedy strikes, in illness, yet one still goes on as best as one can. There is the idea that these things are overcome-able, that there will be a point where relief of some sort is felt. The war will end. The leg will heal. There is strength and much empowerment in such hope. Hope is documented to be a powerful force.

But what about dealing with a seemingly endless daily routine of dark days, followed by even darker days, feeling like one is imprisoned by this extremely dark cloud of symptoms that clings to everything around one. When hope is gone, the psychiatrist calls that “depression”. The answer for it has become simply to medicate. Or, is it that simple? Many things can lead to the emotional pain symptoms and “depression” and it is possible that true relief needs to look at a wide horizon of possible contributory factors. Environmental factors can be addressed, one example of which might be ensuring one is compensating for lack of sunshine during winter months. Lab testing can be utilised to investigate whether deficiencies play a role, or allergies, or toxic burden to name just a few. One cannot live a full and satisfying life unless one is given the tools to overcome the emotional pain of depression.

Our approach is to leave no stone un-turned on the search for underlying causes of emotional pain.

At Alternative to Meds Center, the staff understand the overwhelm of depression. The staff also understand that simply medicating the emotional pain very often does not result in effective or lasting curative results. Call the number on this page to speak to a knowledgeable staff who can answer any questions about non harmful emotional pain treatment.

Speak up. Call and speak to someone knowledgeable who can answer your questions about non harmful ways to overcome the emotional pain of depression.

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