The debilitating pain of migraines can seriously impede one’s daily life.

It is probably no great consolation to know that one is not alone in one’s suffering, however statistics show about 11 % of the population also suffers from migraine headaches. Some suffer from tension migraines, others have what is known as cluster migraines, but each with its own set of intolerable symptoms of discomfort. A common pre-migraine symptom is the “aura” which is described as a change in perception, for instance wavy lines may appear, or strange light perceptions, changes to taste and smell, and many other characteristics of this aura. The aura acts as a signal or warning that a migraine is imminent. The migraine, especially the chronic migraine, is a particularly nasty type of affliction, and costs not only employers much in lost production time, it costs much in quality of life and perhaps even one’s income. It is not really possible to effectively work when a migraine comes on.

Over the counter medications like aspirin and tylenol work for some, but for others these medications are reportedly not very effective against a migraine headache. Even stronger medications like the one that Michael Jackson overdosed on, have been used to attempt to relieve migraine pain. The problem with using only medication to relieve migraine pain, especially if the frequency is moderate to high, is that when the medication wears off, the headache can also come right back. This is called a rebound headache and this can become a real tough situation. If one has become frustrated with ineffective and problematic migraine treatments, it may be time to investigate alternative methods of treatment.

Our approach includes drug-free, non-invasive techniques that create substantial relief in most cases.

Since we know that toxicity and sensitivity to certain substances and types of foods can certainly trigger migraine symptoms, these are but two areas of many that we can check into help find a better way to reduce the frequency and severity or even prevent these migraines from occurring at all. We also offer tapering programs for Depakote withdrawal and many other drugs. Please call the number listed on this page to speak to a knowledgeable staff consultant, who can answer any questions regarding treatment protocols used at Alternative to Meds Center for migraine headache.

Become informed, and become empowered as you travel along the path to your sustained health and wellness.