When one hears the word hallucinations, one probably does not immediately think of classical music, or the subject of electrical engineering. However, had Mozart and Beethoven not experienced the auditory hallucination symptoms that they reportedly did, it is very likely that we would not today have the pleasure of hearing the resulting musical legacy that was thankfully written and handed down through the last century. By his own recounting, Nicola Tesla’s wild and vivid visual hallucination symptoms provided him directly with the blueprint for the invention of the AC generator, which has since revolutionized life around the globe.

So what are hallucinations, and how should we feel about them?

In current times we have been led to believe that hallucinations, whether visual or auditory or of other senses, are equivalent to extreme mental illness, and are to be feared, hidden, and gotten rid of as fast and thoroughly as possible. Certainly when treating a person in the throes of alcohol withdrawal and delirium tremens, hallucinations are a signal that all is not well. But it may be that the hallucination has been given more spotlight than prudent. Perhaps it is not the hallucination itself that needs to be treated, it is more likely the presence of toxicity of the body, or the deficiencies of certain life sustaining elements such as vitamins and minerals, that once treated, then produce a return to clear, calm and logical thought processes.

It seems almost as if the current medical assessment views only the symptoms as things needing to be treatment actions to correct the situation.

If one is suffering from hallucinations, there may be a way to approach the situation without the use of heavy drugs which could unfortunately permanently disable the patient. To find out more about this sensitive and important topic, call us at the number on this page and speak to one of our dedicated staff who can give much more information on what hallucination treatments are possible here, and thereby get on the path to true and stable health and wellness. We also offer tapering programs for Clozaril withdrawal and many other drugs. We are happy to help you achieve the best treatment possible for your specific needs.