Anti Anxiety Withdrawal

Anti Anxiety Withdrawal

The Alternative to Meds Center knows that other, more successful, solutions are available besides a lifelong struggle with prescription medication use and anti anxiety withdrawal symptoms. Therefore, we provide proven ways of anti anxiety withdrawal help to relieve symptoms and make this process as simple as possible.

Anti-anxiety medications consist of several different classifications of drugs, according to the Merck Manual, including the categorization of benzodiazepines which upon discontinuation, are known to present a pronounced set of benzodiazepine withdrawal symptoms. Other anxiety medications include sedatives, which are meant to help people feel more relaxed, and antidepressants which may alter brain chemistry. These drugs are also known to cause symptoms of sedative or antidepressant withdrawal if a person decides to quit taking them without guidance. Barbiturates are also classified as medications used for anxiety, and both barbiturates and benzodiazepines can become very addictive very quickly. Some individuals who take medications for anxiousness or panic attacks may become dependent on these medications after only a few weeks, which can even further compound their problems with anxiety. Our medication withdrawal program works not only to relieve withdrawal, but we also search for the underlying source of anxiety and address it scientifically. We search for the underlying causes of anxiety and work to eliminate them with proven methods.

During the period of transitioning off of an anxiety medication, one may feel emotional and psychological anti anxiety withdrawal symptoms. Heightened anxiousness, feeling confused, restlessness, irritability and not being able to sleep are all symptoms related to withdrawal from anti-anxiety drugs. Hallucinations can also occur, which can deeply disturb the person who is experiencing them, and those around her or him. Symptoms of physical withdrawal are also characteristic of many medications used for anxiety. Since the body will become accustomed to consumption of the substance the individual has been taking, the physical body may react in adverse ways when you are no longer supplying it with drugs. You may feel weak and shaky, sweat profusely, and experience tachycardia (racing heartbeat) when in withdrawal. With the professional help of our treatment center, the most uncomfortable aspects of withdrawal are eliminated. We have scientific solutions that can help you.

Other anti anxiety medication withdrawal symptoms can include nausea, seizures, convulsions, low blood pressure, and delirium. To minimize symptoms, when a person wants or needs to quit using a certain anxiety medication, one of the first steps is tapering off of the medication under the guidance of a doctor. Stopping “cold turkey,” particularly when it’s from a potent barbiturate or benzodiazepine, is very likely to make anti-anxiety withdrawal worse. We can help you create a gentle taper-down method whereby the dose is gradually decreased over whatever period of time is necessary and varies person to person. Since anxiety can remain after the medication is gone, for most individuals, rapid withdrawal doesn’t relieve the issues. In addition, individuals transitioning off of anxiety drugs need strong systems of support in place for helping them through this process. Our treatment center offers the best available therapies and methods of anti anxiety withdrawal help.

Complex treatment programs are custom made by medical professionals for each of our clients. We do lab testing and investigate thyroid function, hormonal function, adrenal function, toxicity levels, mineral levels, and more to identify any abnormalities that may have contributed to the symptoms that led to being medicated. We search for any possible underlying medical or genetic causes of mental health problems. We offer addiction counseling, spiritual counseling, group therapy, and other counseling so clients can discuss and express anxiety and other feelings. We provide natural substances, supplements, whole and organic food, vitamins and minerals to stabilize the neurochemistry. We work to provide relief on all levels, physically, emotionally, biochemically, spiritually and medically.

Withdrawal can be a symbol of the neurochemistry stabilizing itself. Our scientific methods of balancing the brain have helped thousands of individuals become mentally healthy without drugs. Our approaches make this transition to balance comfortable and safe. We address these medications, as an unsupported withdrawal from anti anxiety medications like benzodiazepines is challenging to endure. Our drug rehab’s methods include gentle tapering techniques, a removal or accumulated neurotoxins in the individual’s body from the drug or their environment, natural substances targeted to create neurochemical support, peer support, and the use of many relaxation benefiting therapies that include sauna therapy, massage, yoga, Qigong, and acupuncture.

We’re here to see these problems managed successfully. We have admissions counselors available to answer your questions. You are oinvited to call us to find out more about anti anxiety withdrawal help.

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