Benzodiazepine Addiction

Benzodiazepine Addiction

The Alternative to Meds Center knows that there are techniques to effectively overcome benzodiazepine addiction and avoid a lifetime of benzodiazepine use. The Alternative to Meds Center has revealed ways to make this process simpler and alleviate protracted medication withdrawal symptoms.

When a person is trying to achieve benzodiazepine addiction recovery, they can face the most troubling withdrawal process of any drug. Benzodiazepine addiction symptoms are a common problem on the rise, they can result from a physical dependence to these drugs, long term usage or from being addicted to the drug. Many people decide to discontinue use of these drugs to feel more real or more connected with life; however, this should not be done without benzodiazepine addiction help. These medications take anxiety and feelings of depression away; many people don’t want to feel anxious or depressed. When they have been consuming a drug for their depression or anxiousness and these feelings fade away, most people feel “happy” and they don’t want to be without their drugs. These medications are often purchased on the street, abused with or without prescriptions, generally they are highly addictive and they are considered a narcotic or controlled substance.

Benzodiazepine withdrawal symptoms can be greatly lessened by keeping balance in the neurotransmitters, nutritional therapy, dietary changes, exercise, healing activities, alternative mental health treatments, orthomolecular medicine and medication tapering. Benzos cause reductions in anxiousness by causing a rise in a neurotransmitter within the brain called GABA; increases in GABA produce very pleasant, calm, and soothing effects. Because use of these drugs feels so good, particularly when they are used excessively, they naturally create a psychological and physical dependence and withdrawal symptoms upon discontinuation. These medications increase GABA activity in the brain, this increase calms an anxious brain. Over time, the mind reacts to increased GABA activity through lowering the naturally available amount of GABA. Once this starts to occur, users and abusers of these medications often have to take larger doses of the drug to achieve the same effects.

Once the body and brain have developed a benzodiazepine tolerance, if use of the drug is discontinued, GABA levels are decreased. With a decrease in GABA, and no benzodiazepine to increase existing GABA activity, the individual may experience very uncomfortable benzodiazepine addiction withdrawal. It is very important to slowly reduce your dosage if you want to successfully end Xanax addiction, Ativan addiction, Klonopin addiction, Diazepam addiction, or other benzo addictions. Withdrawal symptoms from these drugs can include panic attacks, anxiety, nightmares, vomiting, nausea, hallucinations, convulsions, moodiness, tremors and others. The best way of breaking benzodiazepine dependence is through receiving professional benzodiazepine addiction treatment and reducing the dosage slowly; this may take weeks but it is much safer and much more comfortable that quitting “cold turkey”.

Withdrawal is a sign that the neurochemistry is trying to balance itself. We know how to help you transition to stability safely and comfortably. The advantages of a long and slow reduction of dosage include the time that your brain is allowed to adapt to the decreasing consumptions of the drug and will have time to begin creating more GABA for compensation. If the individual has been abusing these drugs to get high, it is very likely that they will need benzodiazepine addiction help to stay free of drugs. Even if you are legitimately prescribed a benzo from a doctor, addiction is still likely to form. Just because it is prescribed by a doctor does not make it okay to be addicted, talk to your doctor if you think you have developed a physical and/or mental dependence. Benzodiazepine abuse can have serious impacts on peoples’ lives; it can lead to fatal overdose, it can lead to addiction, and it can damage your life. However, choosing to seek benzodiazepine addiction treatment can lead you down the right path to recovering from this addiction and also help to limit withdrawal symptoms.

Benzodiazepines cause the synapse to be less absorbent to Calcium and more absorbent to GABA. The synapse is where nerves communicate with other nerves. GABA is the main inhibitory neurotransmitter of the body. GABA lessens the intensity of nerve impulse. Using one of these medications forces the body to use all available GABA, and then when GABA is completely gone, everything feels over-stimulating. So all of the GABA has been used up by the drug, and when there is no GABA, the body is unable to control stimulation. Benzo addiction is simply explained here, as once the GABA has been all used up; the individual will continuously need more and more of the drug to feel normal.

To end benzodiazepine dependence, one must carefully navigate this area and choose a slow benzodiazepine withdrawal tapering method that their body will be able to handle. Additionally, the sudden release of Calcium can cause increased contractions of the muscles, and even seizures. At Alternative to Meds Center, our medical professionals help individuals reduce their dependence upon these medications. In most cases of anxiety, we identify accumulated neurotoxins such as heavy toxic metals in the individual which are causing nervous system over-stimulation. This is often what led to use of these drugs in the first place.

Our medical team customizes a treatment program for each client. Our diverse methods for this particular type of medication include careful techniques for medication withdrawal and tapering, removal of accumulated neurotoxins that are due to the medication or environmental sources, orthomolecular medicine and natural substances for neurochemical support, peer support, and several benefits from alternative to psychiatry therapies designed for promotion of relaxation including sauna, yoga, and acupuncture. This is the most frequent type of medications which we address, as unsupported benzodiazepine addiction recovery may be virtually impossible. Even the underlying reasons that led to benzo use can be better treated without medication, as the body eventually becomes tolerant to these drugs.

For most people, rapid benzo addiction help doesn’t relieve the problem, since their anxiety will stay even after the drug has left their body. We have worked with approximately one thousand individuals in our , drug rehab’s residential 24 hour surrounding, and we are very familiar with these problems. We graduate past benzo users each week. Family members and friends come, and are surprised by how we really found a solid solution to the problem, as well as how the participant has received the knowledge of how to upkeep a lifestyle which support their newly discovered tranquility. Please call in order to find out about the benzodiazepine addiction help that is available for the person you love, or for yourself. We’re here to manage this problem effectively.

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