We work to understand the underlying mechanisms of these disorders, so we are better able to help our residents correct them.

Because the body relies on nutrients obtained primarily from food, eating disorders can play havoc with a person’s health in disastrous ways. Several common types of eating disorders in today’s population are bulimia ( binging and purging ) and anorexia ( failure to eat sufficiently ). It is alarming that in a relatively affluent western culture that these conditions ( enforced starvation ) are so prevalent. Like any type of starvation, both of these eating disorders can ultimately lead to extreme malnutrition and related other negative effects and symptoms.

Such things as kidney failure, cardiac arrest, and even death have been shown to be direct results of these eating disorders. Women in the Western world are statistically the populace where the highest prevalence of eating disorders can be found, thought to be closely tied to cultural pressures to be thin. The chemistry of the body becomes skewed where proper nutrition is not present, and the neurotransmitters in the body ( serotonin, dopamine, etc. ) may either cease to function at all, or overact, both of which conditions can then produce a myriad of physical and mental health symptoms and problems. Eating disorders often go hand in hand with other symptoms, such as depression and mood swings. Sadly, the most common treatments for eating disorders do not include a full assessment of nutritional deficiencies or other factors which could be assessed and treated and therefore could lead to a more complete resolution of the person’s health issues.

Eating disorders are commonly occurring and often debilitating. However, methods such as counseling and nutrition therapy can help overcome these conditions.

Though we are not specifically an eating disorder facility, Alternative to Meds Center has a broad understanding of the road back to health where eating disorders have disrupted a person’s wellness, and our goal is to help you achieve the wellness you strive for, and a healthy weight target that is optimum for the individual. Success often comes from impacting the complex neurochemical underpinnings associated with many eating disorders though holistic neurochemical repair and supplementation.