How to Get Off Ativan

How to Get Off Ativan

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Individuals taking Ativan likely often wonder how to get off Ativan. One of the most important aspects of getting off Ativan is having professional help to guide the process.

When one attempts ativan withdrawal, to discontinue this medication cold turkey or without some guidance, serious anxiety and seizures are some of the symptoms that often occur. Also, when not discontinued correctly, anxiety can be severe and lead a person to start taking the medication again.

At Alternative to Meds Center, the following methods are employed to get off Ativan with very little side effects of withdrawal: pre-tapering and tapering, supplementation, diet therapy, IV nutrient therapy, acupuncture, massage, yoga, colonics, chelation, detoxification, alternative and holistic medicine, ionic footbaths, lab testing, neurotoxin removal, orthomolecular medicine, peer support, sauna therapy, counseling, case management, group therapy, and aftercare. Getting off Ativan can be accomplished comfortably and safely. Diverse techniques allow for true withdrawal relief.

Pre-tapering includes supplementation with vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and holistic remedies, organic and whole food, lab testing, and other therapies depending on each person’s unique situation. Pre-tapering is employed before starting to reduce the Ativan so that the person’s body is stable and prepared enough to endure the tapering process. The lab testing allows great insight into the needs and deficiencies of the person’s body. Lab testing helps to create a customized tapering plan.

Once the individual has started the actual tapering process, medical guidance is provided and the dosage of their medication is slowly reduced. If the reduction is too much, the person can temporarily go back to their regular dosage. It typically takes 2-8 weeks for an individual to taper off of Ativan, depending on their dosage and unique body chemistry. During tapering, many of the therapies listed above are provided, such as massage, acupuncture, foot baths, yoga, counseling, diet therapy, nutrient therapy, supplementation, methods of detoxification, peer support, and sauna therapy. These therapies help the body move through the tapering process with ease, and offer great relief to the individual. These therapies often diminish any side effects of the tapering and also keep the individual busy with healthy activities throughout their withdrawal. Tapering does not start until the person is ready and feels a level of relief from their anxiety or other symptoms.

In our treatment center, we have witnessed several cases of anxiety that were caused by too many neurotoxins over-stimulating the nervous system. When the nervous system is over-stimulated with neurotoxin build-up, including pesticides, heavy metals, and aspartame, it can be what is driving unending anxiety. This is a problem that must be removed prior to authentic and lasting relief. With corrective techniques that are aimed at the source of anxiousness, anxiety can be lifted and getting off Ativan can be comfortably accomplished.