Latuda Alternatives

Latuda Alternatives

The Alternative to Meds Center offers inpatient treatment programs that help individuals heal after neurotoxic poisoning, druginduced psychosis, and after becoming dependent upon prescription medications which are producing nonoptimum side effects.

Alternatives to Latuda can help solve the many layers of problems that might precipitate prescribing this antipsychotic medication. These alternative therapies may also help resolve the various problems that taking this medication may have already caused.

Latuda (generic name lurasidone) is a newer antipsychotic medication that came on the market in 2013. Drug makers promoted the drug as an easily tolerated drug that could not only help treat schizophrenia and psychoses but could also treat depression for bipolar patients.

The drug has only been around for a few years, and more studies need to be done. However, documented cases show that this drug, like other antipsychotics are known to cause troubling side effects, such as:

  • in elderly or dementia patients, increased risk of death
  • akathisia, an extreme restlessness that can lead to suicide due to the intensity and the unrelenting nature of this side effect
  • heightened anxiety
  • tremors
  • stiffened muscles
  • difficulty moving, walking
  • hallucinations, schizophrenia like symptoms
  • especially in teens and children, depression and suicidal thoughts
  • heart irregularities
  • vision problems
  • diarrhea
  • nausea, vomiting
  • and much more.

Prescription drugs such as Latuda do not cure or fix a problem. Using the word "treat" in relation to psychiatric drugs can only be justified within the most narrow definition of the word, which is "to subject to some process or substance," as drugs offer nothing like a cure. Masking emotions, dulling the senses, clouding the thinking processes, dimming memory, reducing energy, darkening the mood, slowing the reaction time, stiffening of muscles, are not and cannot be considered anything resembling a cure.

While a prescription drug can sometimes be initially helpful to sedate a person in a state of extreme psychosis, some feel that over the long term the outcome of longterm drug treatment is unsatisfactory or even harmful. For the individual who wishes to avoid these problems, seeking alternative treatments to Latuda might provide better choices and better outcomes.

Latuda Alternatives

One branch of therapy that has provided optimistic results is talktherapy. There are many forms and variants of counseling that deliver compassionate, enlightening and effective avenues for relief. For example, CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) offers the individual many opportunities to increase understanding of past behaviors, increase awareness of triggers and how to better respond to and even strategically prevent certain habitual reactions.

Flooding the body with nutrient dense, pesticide free foods, and wholefood supplements that can supply the raw materials for healing is another branch of alternative therapy, found to be very useful.

Another efficient action is dislodging accumulated toxins from the body, especially after taking prescription drugs over an extended period. Prescription drugs such as Latuda leave toxic residues that can further compromise the healthy functioning of the CNS. The body is an intricately designed selfregulating machine with many moving parts, and which works best in the absence of neurotoxins.

Smoking marijuana laced with PCP, for instance, or too much cocaine, or too much of any neurotoxic agent, can result in psychosis. One very logical response to this situation would be to isolate and dislodge the offending substance from the cells of the body, which allows the CNS to normalize and begin to revert to normal function as before. Unless actual tissues were damaged or other irreparable brain or nerve damage occurred, this would be the expected result. Comparing this to drugging the patient's symptoms with even more neurotoxic substances as a "solution" appears quite comparatively illogical. Alternative to Meds Center seeks to find out and resolve the root cause of the problem that doctors may have been unable to erase just by drugging the patient.

How to Find Out More About Latuda Alternative Treatments

The Alternative to Meds Center offers inpatient treatment programs that help individuals heal after neurotoxic poisoning, druginduced psychosis, and after becoming dependent upon prescription medications which are producing nonoptimum side effects. The center offers safe tapering programs where needed and delivers many additional therapies during alternative mental health treatment at the center. Enrollment is ongoing.

Call the friendly and informed admissions staff for more information about the program, and to find out more about the center's approach to Latuda alternatives.

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