Haldol Withdrawal

Haldol Withdrawal

Alternative to Meds Center has identified methods of Haldol withdrawal help that simplify this process, therefore relieving antipsychotic withdrawal symptoms. We recognize that there are answers out there other than a life spent repeatedly visiting the hospital, and being medicated on antipsychotic drugs.

Those who encounter problems with Haldol withdrawal symptoms can be up against one of the most difficult withdrawals of any prescription medication. Though Haldol is not said to be addicting and although it is not often abused, the body and the brain may need time to adapt to quitting use of this drug, as discontinuation can lead to Haldol withdrawal side effects. This medication is a typical antipsychotic, also known as a first-generation antipsychotic. It is usually given to an individual when they have suffered a psychotic episode or have been non-responsive to other drugs. Haldol discontinuation is marked by shakiness or delusions, hallucinations, shakiness or tremors, and psychotic episodes. Haldol withdrawal effects can also include breathing problems, tightening of the muscles, dry mouth, loss of control of your tongue, blurry vision, and pacing back and forth.

In some cases, symptoms of Haldol withdrawal do not improve over time if they are actually signals of the original disorder. This medication is dispensed primarily for schizophrenia but is also sometimes prescribed for other mental disorders after other drugs are ineffective. A sound approach to withdrawing from this antipsychotic is to consult with a rehabilitation center about Haldol withdrawal treatment and work to wean gradually off of the drug in order to prevent serious withdrawal symptoms. Antipsychotics can be physically addictive and withdrawal can be brutal. Antipsychotic withdrawal effects can make you feel like a prisoner in your own body. On the surface, the idea of prescribing someone an anti-psychotic medication is supposed to make people calm and quiet. But the reality is that people can become horrifically violent and experience extreme Haldol side effects, including Haldol and blood sugar related effects.

Antipsychotic withdrawal can be severe and often requires intense Haldol withdrawal help and medical supervision to ensure the person safely tapers off the medication. Antipsychotic medication withdrawal occurs because the drug causes the Dopamine to be low, for the neurology to change, and produces more receptors for Dopamine. But now, this low Dopamine amount is going to cause the same effects even with the presence of the antipsychotic. The dosage is then often increased, bringing on more side effects. Then when the individual stops taking the drug, higher Dopamine amounts are released and the Dopamine now has to impact an excessive number of Dopamine receptors. Smoking cigarettes, eating sugar, and drinking caffeine filled beverages can be added to this, as these may be the things that the individual was doing to feel stimulated while on the antipsychotic. This can result in extreme symptoms or hospitalizations.

Andrea Yates, a woman who lived in Texas with her five children was withdrawing from this drug when she drowned all five of her children. This is a prime example of why anyone who is trying to endure Haldol withdrawal avoids being without closely monitored Haldol withdrawal treatment in a rehab center or hospital. These withdrawal effects are also associated with causing dyskinesias. Tardive dyskinesia is a syndrome that consists of sometimes irreversible, sporadic, dyskinetic movements. To truly heal the side effects and withdrawal symptoms, one should consider going through a Haldol tapering process at a treatment or rehab center specifically for prescription medication drug withdrawal. Our staff is inclusive of medical professionals for successful antipsychotic withdrawal using the following techniques.

First, the individual is lab tested to identify any causes of original mental health symptoms. Test results often shown toxicity as the main problem, whether it is from the person’s environment or genetics, then we work at body detoxification. In order to do this, sugar, caffeine, sugary and processed foods are restricted and supplemental nutrients known for their beneficial effects in individuals going through antipsychotic withdrawal.

Our program aims at creating a stabilized neurochemistry through all natural substances, removal of neurotoxins including accumulated environmental toxins, peer support, staff support, yoga, personal training, massage, IV amino acid therapy, specific nutritional therapy, and additional holistic therapies equipped to provide effective withdrawal treatment. We are inviting you to call us and talk, in order to receive an idea of the types of Haldol withdrawal help which are available.

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