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Schedule I Drugs are commonly referred to as recreational drugs, illicit drugs, street drugs, or simply as “illegal drugs.”
Drugs in the schedule I Classification or drugs are scheduled as such because it has been deemed that the drug: 1.) Has high abuse potential. 2.) Displays no medical use. 3.) Poses severe safety concerns.

What Drugs are Considered Recreational/Illicit?

“Recreational” drugs include many drugs that are manufactured illicitly, like methamphetamine, cocaine, LSD, and heroin; as well as natural products that are grown illicitly, like peyote, psilocybe mushrooms, and Marijuana.

Many drugs have been added to this list in recent years, with chemists attempting to change the chemical makeup of synthetic drugs to outpace laws prohibiting them. Examples of these would include K2, Khat, bath salts, synthetic marijuana, and an evolving list of ever-changing chemicals.

Recreational/Illicit Drug FAQs

Drugs and medications in the “unclassified” drug class are often quite mobile, moving to a fitting class just as soon as the mechanism of action is clear, and its labeled uses cleared by the Food & Drug Administration. Below, we have some common questions on unclassified drug types.

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What Was the First Drug to Become Illegal?

Though opium and alcohol have had bans placed on them in many countries throughout history, the best answer to this question – for those in the United States – is that the first drug to become illegal in the US was both opium and cocaine in 1914. The Harrison Act (The Harrison Narcotics Tax Act) was passed as a federal law on December 17, 1914.

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