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Water for Positivity & Wellness

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Positivity Is Key for Recovery and Wellness

Alternative to Meds Editorial Team
Medically Reviewed by Dr Michael Loes MD

Water is a powerful substance. We are taught at an early age that since our bodies are about 60% water, we need water to survive. As our primary source of hydration which all other hydration sources are built upon, water keeps us healthy and ensures our body functions as it should.

While these facts are common knowledge, most of us don’t realize just how powerful water can be. Not only does water help you stay healthy, but it can also help you stay happy and positive. In fact, water can be healing on many levels, and we don’t think you’ll ever look at water the same way after learning more about its positive healing powers.

Consider that, like your thoughts, water carries both positive and negative energies. Learning how to adjust these energies and incorporate them into your life can drastically change the relationship you have with water. In this way, water can replenish not only your body but your mind as well.

Developing a Deeper Understanding of Water

Some fascinating information we have about the positive and negative effects of intention as applied to water can be attributed to – researchers such as Emoto, Radin, and many others, whose work has furthered our understanding of how our thoughts and intentions affect the world around us. Such research has demonstrated how the molecular structure of water can undergo a variety of transformations if it is exposed to human intentions.

In clinical trials, such research demonstrated the power of exposing water to a variety of different words, thoughts, and intentions. For example, Dr. Emoto’s team discovered that water exposed to positivity, such as loving intentions and words, would result in water crystals that formed together in an aesthetically pleasing formation. These crystals often resembled beautiful snowflakes. 2

However, if water was exposed to negative, fearful, or hurtful thoughts, words, or intent, the crystal would form in a way that appeared disfigured or unpleasant. Often, these crystals resembled destroyed spider webs and other ugly and imperfect images.. While Dr. Emoto’s research has been considered controversial by some, the evidence and images he was able to gather over the course of his career demonstrate just how impactful our intentions are on the physical elements around us.

Another example in Radin et al’s cancer treatment research showed that compassionate intention produced a positive therapeutic effect on the patients’ autonomic nervous systems, compared to the control group.5

What Are the Positive Benefits of Water?

Of course, there are several positive benefits water provides to us on a daily basis. Most of these are the benefits we’ve been taught about since childhood. By far, the most important is hydration.1 Your body needs water, and when you are dehydrated, your physical, emotional, and mental health can be affected.

Water is also beneficial in helping with weight loss and maintenance. Consuming enough water on a regular basis can help you burn more calories by regulating your metabolism. Water also can help you feel fuller longer, preventing overeating.

Water can increase productivity as well, helping you to stay awake and engaged throughout the day. Proper hydration encourages blood flow, which ensures enough oxygen is getting to the brain. This helps to prevent feelings of sluggishness or cloudy thoughts.

Of particular importance to us here at Alternative to Meds Center is water’s role in releasing toxins from the body. Water helps you eliminate toxins and waste, improving the function of the digestive system. Water can be beneficial for releasing toxins when you consume water or when you use it in the form of steam. Steam rooms and saunas can help your body excrete toxins in your sweat by opening the pores.2 This, in turn, improves the appearance and feel of your skin.

Let’s examine some of these benefits more closely.

How Does Water Energize the Body?

Water stimulates the essential flow of nutrients and hormones that release endorphins. These “feel-good” hormones are responsible for helping you feel happy and healthy and can even help to relieve pain. 3 When you aren’t drinking enough water, endorphins may not be released as frequently as they should. This can lead to feelings of sadness or sluggishness.

Water also helps you ensure that you can exercise without fear of rapid energy loss. Water can help to prevent cramps and muscle spasms. Sufficient exercise is a hallmark of maintaining a healthy metabolism and optimal energy levels.

To understand the importance to life of proper hydration, one can review the symptoms of dehydration which can include seizures, low blood pressure, tachycardia, confusion, disorientation, and in extreme cases, can be fatal.6

How Does Water Energize the Body?

How Does Water Affect Our Emotions?

Water can have a direct impact on your emotions and moods. As mentioned, water can help your body naturally release endorphins that are responsible for energy and mood. As a result, when you are dehydrated, you can be more susceptible to sluggishness, nervousness, irritability, and feelings of sadness or anxiety. This is because dehydration can slow circulation, which lowers blood flow and can cause less oxygen to the brain, preventing it from operating properly.

By contrast, drinking enough water can resolve these issues and promote improved mood, energy, and calm. In this way, drinking enough water can help lower stress levels, which can decrease negative feelings and anxiety. If you find yourself feeling sad, negative, or anxious for no apparent reason, you may need to simply hydrate your body to improve your mind.

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Does Drinking Water Make You More Positive?

Thanks to Dr. Emoto’s detailed research, we’ve learned that drinking water does more than promote the positive benefits of hydration. Bringing good intentions to the water itself may have a significant impact at a molecular level. When you drink water with good, positive intentions, the water you drink can, in turn, help make you more positive.

Those who actively participate in mindfulness and meditation practices understand the impact of positivity. What you put out into the world is often what you get back. This is a reciprocal relationship, where the world takes in the energy we put out and later gives that energy back to us. Practicing mindfulness in various ways can help promote happiness.

When you are seeking positivity, happiness, and health in your life, drinking high-quality, purified water can aid in not only your hydration but your happiness.

Positive Messages and Affirmations

We are impacted by the positive testimonials and sounds around us, and our energy can be affected by the energy these elements create in our environment. For that reason, setting certain goals and mindsets each day can help us to focus on positivity.

Be Kind to Yourself

You have a direct influence on the way your body responds to psychological and physiological stimuli. As a result, the way you talk to yourself can directly impact the way you feel. Negative thoughts can be invasive, come up quickly, and be difficult to shake. When you’re trapped in a negative thinking cycle, you can experience elevated stress and anxiety. Soon, this can start to create physical reactions such as an increased heart rate, higher blood pressure, hives, and acne. Breaking this cycle can be difficult, but it is not impossible.

The best place to start is learning to stop negative thoughts in their tracks. Practicing mindfulness can break the cycle by becoming more aware of your internal dialogue. The way you speak to yourself can directly impact the way you see yourself. It is also important to actively focus your mind on the positivity that surrounds you and the positivity that comes from you.

If you struggle to focus on the positives of life, it can be beneficial to keep a gratitude journal. Start by writing down at least five things you are grateful for each day. You can also write down what you are proud of, accomplishments you’ve achieved (no matter how small), or reminders and affirmations concerning the good thoughts and encounters you’ve had throughout the day. The more you enforce a positive mindset, the easier it will start to come naturally.

Positive self-talk directly impacts your energy. According to Emoto and others, our bodies and water both contain energy, this change in energy can affect the water you drink. The more positivity you build within yourself, the more benefits you’ll achieve by staying hydrated and allowing your positive energy to resonate with your surroundings, including the water you drink.

Connect With Nature

Connecting with Nature

There is power in solitude. With the hustle of daily life, especially for those of us in the city who are constantly surrounded by stimuli, it can be easy to forget the value of making time for yourself. Alone time is essential for allowing our minds and bodies the opportunity to decompress.

There are several different ways that you can connect with nature to reconnect with yourself, including hiking, biking, or even just spending time in a quiet, natural place. When possible, finding ways to interact with natural bodies of water can help immensely. When possible, immersing yourself in this water can prove immensely beneficial for your health and happiness. Even if you can’t fully submerge yourself, simply getting your feet wet, closing your eyes, and taking a few deep breaths can help you unwind, disconnect from the strains of life, and reset your body and mind.

Find Ways to Heal

Water can be a great accompaniment to a variety of different healing rituals, including meditation. For a simple, guided meditation, you can find yourself a quiet place to escape. Take a cup of water and hold it gently between your hands. While you relax, set your intentions, and imagine these intentions being transferred into the water. When you feel you’ve transferred your intentions, take a slow drink, allowing yourself to feel the water move through you.

A healing shower can also help to increase the positivity in your life. Before entering the shower, begin with the intention that the shower will wash away all negative energy. Express gratitude while in the shower for the work the water is doing to help rid you of anything toxic or unhealthy. This can help ensure you feel renewed and ready to embrace the day.

Find a Way to Sweat

Steam rooms and saunas can have numerous healing benefits. These rooms help your body to sweat, which can be extremely beneficial when it comes to your skin. We are constantly exposed to different toxins in the air that can become trapped under our skin. Sweating these toxins out can leave you feeling energized, refreshed, and ready to embrace the day with positivity.

Enhance Your Water With Natural Ingredients

One of the remarkable things about water is that there are so many ways you can enjoy it. You can add a variety of beneficial superfoods to your water, including cucumber, mint, citrus, ginger, and cinnamon sticks. These superfoods not only taste delicious, but they also add health benefits. Then, enjoy your water, either hot or cold. Hot water can help you start the day, recover from illness, and help you unwind before bed. Sipping hot water can help relax muscles as well as improve digestion. Meanwhile, cold water is refreshing and soothing after physical activity or a warm day.

Positivity Is Key for Recovery and Wellness

Positivity Is Key for Recovery and Wellness

People are constantly bombarded by not only their own thoughts and feelings but those of others. As a creature composed of energy, you can be seriously affected by the energy around you, so maintaining positive energy is key to maintaining a healthy and happy body, mind, and soul. Fortunately, achieving positivity on a daily basis doesn’t have to be difficult. It involves committing to remaining mindful, finding ways to connect with yourself, and developing a healthy, positive relationship with water.

Research has discovered that water can be just as vulnerable to positive or negative energies as we are. Like ourselves, positive energy can build water up, allowing it to form beautifully at a molecular level, or negative energy can break it apart, leaving it unfulfilled and malformed. Drinking water with positive intent and focus can provide numerous health benefits. When paired with practices of mindfulness or meditation, such as escaping to nature, yoga, or even a healing shower, you can achieve a greater state of contentment and happiness.


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Water for Positivity & Wellness
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