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Buddha Beach and Spiritual Healing in Sedona

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Spiritual Healing in Sedona

Alternative to Meds Editorial Team
Medically Reviewed by Dr Samuel Lee MD

Choosing Sedona as our home was no chance decision – we knew that this was the perfect place to carry out our mission. People from all over the world come to Sedona to experience healing and discover all the beauty this place has to offer. In fact, Sedona has become America’s premiere destination for alternative healing. When you come to Sedona for healing and recovery, there are numerous areas to discover who you are and how transformative a true place of healing can be.

Through scientific research and clinical reviews, we realized that authentic healing is best achieved through holistic and integrative methodologies. That meant that we needed to create a place for healing that was much more than the average rehab facility. We wanted to provide a space where individuals can focus on restoring brain chemistry using natural methods while accessing multiple adjunctive methods for reducing dependency on harmful substances.

Nature and Healing

Nature has undeniable power. However, for those in major cities, there can be fewer options for a real escape. This can impact a person’s quality of life. Tall buildings and the constant noise of the city can be overwhelming and can make a person feel small and claustrophobic. For these people, it is crucial to find time to spend in nature, whether it is a few hours or a few days. Escaping into natural areas like Sedona allows for a true disconnect from the demands of daily life. Nature provides a reminder that the world is large and that true connections are possible with an open mind and an open heart.

Proven Benefits of Nature

Spending time in nature can provide several benefits, and not all of them are spiritual. Spending time in nature has been proven to reduce feelings of stress, improve attention, and enhance mood. When the mind is free of stressors, this helps the body reduce blood pressure, improve the immune system, and so much more.1

Why Is Sedona Known for Healing?

Wonderful opportunities to escape into nature are scattered all across the nation. However, there is just something about what Sedona can offer that sets it apart. From the vast landscape and natural plant life to the powerful vortexes, there are numerous reasons Sedona is a prime place for holistic treatment and healing.

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The Landscape

Sedona, Arizona

It all starts with the landscape. Sedona, Arizona is amidst a high desert located along the southwestern rim of the Colorado Plateau. This landscape provides numerous breathing sights such as secret waterfalls, cliff dwellings, towering buttes, red rock scenery, and so much more.

Amidst this landscape are more than 200 trails spread across 400 miles of terrain. These trails move through waterways, canyons, cliffs, and nooks, providing those who traverse them with a sense of solitude and an appreciation of true wilderness.

Some of the most noteworthy landmarks and destination spots include:

  • Buddha Beach
  • Bell Rock
  • Cathedral Rock
  • Boynton Canon

The Power of Plants

The scenery throughout Sedona provides a source of fresh air, quiet, and peace that extends far beyond the rock formations – natural plants lend their own mystique to the area. While wildflowers and other plants are beautiful to look at, they can also provide physical and mental healing properties, too. Throughout Sedona, there are several species of indigenous plants that have healing properties.

These include:

  • Cat’s Claw – This antimicrobial herb can help boost the immune system and fight infection. It has been used to help treat allergies, arthritis, chronic fatigue, cancer, and even COVID-19, mostly owing to its anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.2
  • Prickly Pear – This plant can help balance blood sugar and soothe the digestive tract. The pulp can help with colds, kidney issues, and urinary tract infections.3
  • Jojoba – While this plant’s oils are effectively used in skin care regimens, jojoba has other research-backed purposes, as well. Ingesting jojoba can be great for sore throats, ulcers, colitis, and pulmonary problems.4
  • Agave – Best known for its role in tequila production, the agave plant possesses antioxidant, anti-biotic, anti-viral, and fungicidal properties. It has been used to fight cancer, reduce blood sugar, and help achieve homeostasis.5

Buddha Beach in Sedona

If you’ve ever talked to someone who has visited or lived in Sedona, you’ve likely heard of Buddha Beach. This hidden gem is an absolute favorite of staff and residents alike here at Alternative to Meds Center. Buddha Beach is a serene, tranquil spot that has become a popular destination for individuals looking for a place to relax and reconnect.

The beach is situated along the banks of Oak Creek, surrounded by breathtaking red rock formations that tower into the sky. In addition to the wonderful landscape, you’ll find the water here is amazing. The water is crystal clear, and there are plenty of swimming holes, shaded areas, and picnic benches. Whether you are traveling alone or with the whole family, this is a great spot to unwind and feel free.

This is one of a few locations in Sedona where you can feel vortex energy. A vortex is believed to be a place where the Earth’s energy is strong and concentrated – a location where energy swirls and attracts everything in its path. It is said that vortexes help us connect with the earth and the natural world in a way that would normally be unachievable. Visiting these spots can provide a sense of peace, well-being, and a strong connection of body, mind, and soul. At Buddha Beach and other vortex locations, it is not uncommon to see trees with whirling or twisting trunks, a physical representation of the sheer power a vortex has.

Buddha Beach in Sedona

How to Get to Buddha Beach

Buddha Beach is open from 8 AM until sunset every day. There are plenty of amenities available to ensure you are just able to relax and enjoy. This includes picnic areas that have grills to prepare a hot meal and on-site bathrooms.

Buddha Beach is located inside the Crescent Moon Picnic Site, which requires a small entrance fee to gain access. You’ll need to enter Crescent Moon State Park and park your vehicle in the parking area. Walk along the route until you reach Red Rock crossing and go upstream along a simple trail to Buddha Beach.

You’ll first find your way to the breathtaking Cathedral Rock, another popular vortex spot for hikers and travelers alike. In fact, Cathedral Rock is one of the most iconic landmarks in Sedona. When you approach the small lake and reach the first ground rocks of Cathedral Rock, you’ll see the beginnings of Buddha Beach, which is another mile away.

Why People Love Buddha Beach

Buddha Beach has something for everyone. Some journey to experience the power of the vortexes, where they find themselves able to connect with the natural world, meditate deeply, and walk away with a renewed sense of peace and balance. Others come to enjoy the crystal clear waters. Water in itself has a therapeutic nature, with healing potential for the mind, body, and spirit.

There are physiological and psychological benefits associated with water, making it one of the best natural therapeutic tools. Buddha Beach is one of Oak Creek’s most remote sites for swimming. There are plenty of large stones in the water and boulders along the sides of the stream for resting and soaking up the sun.

Buddha Beach is one of the many locations that make Sedona so special. The spectacular landscape is sure to impress, and the energy and wildness of the location will leave you feeling balanced and ready to take on the world.

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Other Sedona Healing Spots

While Buddha Beach is the natural healing spot that started it all for us here at Alternative to Meds Center, there are many others in the Sedona area.

Bell Rock

This location is another popular spot for individuals looking to experience the unique natural energy of the land. This place is home to one of the most powerful vortexes in Sedona. To experience the vortex, you do not need to climb to the top (though the view is breathtaking) – there are several hiking trails and routes to accommodate your desired intensity level. Individuals who have visited this spot have reported a sense of clarity and perspective in problem-solving.

Bell Rock

Chapel of the Holy Cross

Chapel of the Holy Cross

A must-experience location in Sedona is the gorgeous Chapel of the Holy Cross, built right into the hillside. This place has a long history as a destination for healing energies and spiritual power. While some may not consider the Chapel a vortex spot in Sedona, others swear by it, and it has become one of the most famous spots in the area. When visiting Sedona, this is a place worth experiencing.

Airport Mesa Vortex

This is one of the largest and most popular vortexes in Sedona, and of the vortexes in the area, this is the most accessible. While you don’t need to visit a vortex site to benefit from the calm tranquility nature can provide, it can be an experience unlike any other. Aside from the vortex energy, Airport Mesa is an ideal location for taking in the grandeur of the red rocks. The view allows you to see Thunder Mountain and Chimney Rock.

Airport Mesa Vortex

Sedona Spiritual Inspiration & Healing

Sedona is full of inspirational sites that have provided a sense of healing for thousands of travelers. There are parks, trails, and waterways just waiting to be explored. Nature has been a source of healing for centuries and will continue to provide ways for humans to reconnect and find balance – you just need to be willing to explore.

In Sedona, you can find guided tours and other holistic healing options to accommodate any traveling style. You can participate in meditation groups, outdoor yoga sessions, massages, readings and psychics, and more.

Free solo or group activities you might want to consider include the following:

  • Watch the sunset
  • Gather wild mushrooms, berries, and local herbs
  • Collect wildflowers
  • Go for a hike
  • Visit a state park
  • Feel the sun on your face
  • Bury your toes in the dirt
  • Take a dip in a creek
  • Stop for a moment, take a deep breath, and just let yourself go

This holistic healing hotspot is a great destination for short- and long-term visits. Sedona has long been a place of escape and self-discovery for individuals, couples, and the entire family. Anyone can benefit from the power of this city. Taking a step from the daily demands of your life can provide the opportunity to rediscover who you are, relieve stress, and improve mental health.

Finding Healing in Sedona at ATMC

Sedona has been the perfect place for our mission and our facilities. With our location in Sedona, our residents can experience our holistic healing options on-site, as well as explore the healing powers of the natural world right outside our doorstep. This location was so important because our approach focuses on your healing as a person, not just the condition you are dealing with.

For more information about how our range of alternative mental health and addiction treatment can help heal you as a person, addressing all areas of your physical, mental, and spiritual health, reach out to our compassionate staff today.

Holistic Detox at Alternative to Meds Center

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