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Remeron Alternatives

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Alternative to Meds Editorial Team
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Remeron alternatives may be an answer to how to treat depression without unwanted medication side effects. Antidepressants are often prescribed without consideration of life factors, lab testing, or much investigation into what factors may be contributing to a person’s symptoms.

For some, depression could resolve with corrected vitamin and micronutrient deficiencies, or getting better quality sleep, exercising more, and learning de-stressing techniques — which makes a partial list of possible areas to address. Without investigating, one may never know the most efficacious way to proceed that can out-perform Remeron® for better mental wellness.

Does Your Diagnosis Require Remeron?

successful Remeron alternatives
Alternative to Meds focuses on antidepressant alternatives and Remeron withdrawal treatments and has done so for over 15 years. Using Holistic and Environmental Medicine, our published evidence demonstrates that the vast majority, 77% of our clients in fact, who discontinue antidepressant medication followed by alternative treatments enjoy a better quality of life with better mood, energy, sleep, and other benefits than they found possible while they were still medicated.
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Why Choose Remeron Alternatives?

Remeron is classed as a tetracyclic antidepressant. Tetracyclic refers to the structure of the drug, having 4 connected atomic rings. Mirtazapine has been around since the 50s, but only received FDA approval for treating major depressive disorder in the 90s. Remeron is often used as a “second-line, or third-line treatment option” when other antidepressants did not prove effective. Remeron has also developed a laundry list of off-label applications for quite a wide range of symptoms. These include insomnia, headache, PTSD, OCD, anxiety and panic disorders, and others.32 Antidepressants don’t work most of the time, according to Trivedi et al’s 2006 study on the effectiveness of various antidepressants. The researchers reported that after 10-14 weeks, 25.3-39% (that is, one quarter to one-third) of the 565 participants experienced relief or remission of symptoms, even when using multiple types of antidepressants simultaneously.22

Apart from no results, there is another problem with pharmaceutical solutions to mental health issues. Using medication to quell or mask symptoms could be a welcome but short-sighted solution because prescription drugs can quickly introduce new health complications. Because of adverse reactions to Remeron, as noted on the drug’s label,3 the drug may not be tolerated for more than a very short period. After trying different antidepressants and achieving no results, and the adverse reactions that occur, it is unfortunate that physicians generally are not trained regarding the many natural Remeron alternatives that are available. These are two very compelling reasons to consider alternatives to Remeron when seeking authentic help for mental health symptoms.

Natural Remeron Alternatives

Patients who don’t respond successfully to drug treatment are often called “treatment-resistant,” but is this really the case? Or, is it possible that the treatment offered missed the mark? Possibly vitamin D deficiencies were never tested for and never corrected. Or, inadequate levels of omega-3 fatty acids were overlooked. There are many examples of nutritional deficiencies that cause psychiatric symptoms and seeing a whole new field of nutrition-based psychiatry emerging.1 Below you will find a few more examples of natural alternatives to Remeron, and similar pharmaceutical drugs, and further below you will find a brief description of how and why these strategies work, and other information you may find helpful.

Natural Alternatives to Remeron Include:
  • SAMe 12
  • natural alternatives to remeronZinc, magnesium, selenium 8
  • Vitamin D3
  • B vitamins 10
  • Ginkgo Biloba 11
  • Talk therapy 9,13
  • Omega-3 fatty acids 7
  • Regulate blood sugar through corrected diet 15
  • Exercise 19
  • Light therapy 16,17,18
  • Avoid toxic exposures 29
  • Support microbiome health with probiotics and fermented foods 30
  • Improve sleep quality 31

Micronutrients and Supplements as Natural Alternatives to Remeron

micronutrients as remeron alternativesMicronutrients are essential to good health both physically and mentally. However, the body does not create many of these on its own, and they can only be obtained from supplements or nutrient-dense foods. However they are gotten, these molecules are essential for the proper functioning of all the complex systems in the body. Vitamin D, for example, is created by the body when the skin is exposed to sunlight. If sun exposure is too little, one can supplement by taking vitamin D in capsule form. Lack of vitamin D is associated with depression. Some of the micro-nutrients that the body doesn’t create on its own, or might be unable to create sufficient quantities of, are zinc, SAMe, and amino acids like taurine and tryptophan. Correcting any of these deficiencies can help eliminate symptoms like depression, mood swings, lack of energy, insomnia or disturbed sleep, and others, that may stem from a lack of essential nutrients in the body.6,8,10,11,12

Testing can show what you are deficient in. Then you can research which supplements or foods are needed to obtain the micronutrients needed, and begin to add these to your daily regimen.

Adequate exercise as a Natural Remeron Alternative

According to the research of Monika Guszkowska, the greatest benefits of exercise are attained through moderate and low-intensity regular exercise sessions, that net significant improvements in anxiety, depression, and mood. She reports that even a single exercise session can have profound positive effects regardless of gender or age.28

Psychotherapy as a Natural Remeron Alternative

Various genres of talk therapy are available as a drug-free treatment for depression, anxiety, and all of the things that antidepressants are prescribed to treat. CBT is well-established as a helpful depression therapy for many, according to clinical trials and reviews.2,4,9,13 Working with a trusted counselor can allow free expression and facilitate working out new strategies to replace unhelpful patterns of thinking. This doesn’t require drugs at all but can produce more joy and satisfaction and less despair in life.

Change Diet to Control Blood Sugar Levels as a Natural Alternative to Remeron

Many studies have been done on the effects of modifying the diet with benefits including balancing mood, avoiding energy burn-outs, and other improved mental health and physical health benefits. Strategic food choices might include avoiding sugars and other glycemic spiking foods like white flour. A diet that helps control blood sugar spikes and crashes may be helpful for optimal energy and function and can be a foundational therapy for improving mental health, according to Knuppel et al in a study published in the Journal of Scientific Reports in 2017.15

Light Therapy as a Natural Alternative to Remeron

Earlier, vitamin D and its relation to sunlight were discussed. Mental health can be supported by getting proper amounts of exposure to sunlight because sunlight is a known mediator of depressive symptoms. When natural sunlight isn’t available, using a therapeutic bright light device is an option designed to take the place of natural sunlight.16,17,18

Natural Remeron Alternatives vs Substitute Drugs

Let us not confuse Remeron “substitute drugs” with alternatives to drug-based treatment. Natural Remeron alternatives might include psychotherapy, correcting micro-nutrient deficiencies, and other non-drug-based therapies as discussed above. It is unfortunate that antidepressant medications often create secondary negative effects 3 that may obfuscate any relief that may have been provided by taking them, especially over long-term use.14

Remeron is primarily prescribed for depression. However, one of the possible side effects is a worsening of depression.14 More and more, people are becoming aware of other options than this or similar prescription medications. Some people may be searching for a more natural way of managing their mental health and improving their mood without suffering the side effects of drug-based treatment, including drug dependence or addiction. Antidepressants such as Remeron may not offer any lasting relief or effectiveness, as they do not fix depression overnight. It may take weeks or months to see an improvement.21 Possibly, the most effective antidepressant alternative is figuring out the causes of a person’s depression or other symptoms of mental health. That’s where we come in. That is our specialty at Alternative to Meds Center.

Doctors have become accustomed to prescribing drugs as a first line of treatment, and perhaps don’t have the time required for detailed inquiry of their patients, and often the natural alternatives to Remeron get completely overlooked.

Holistic Alternatives to Drugs for Depression

remeron holistic alternativesWhen an individual is looking for an alternative to prescription drugs, they may ask their doctor about what natural Remeron alternatives help symptoms that they are suffering from. The person may be referred to a natural, holistic, or alternative medical doctor who can provide natural options for treatment. Nutritional psychiatrists are becoming more widely known and in demand across the US. Studies have shown natural alternatives to be a productive and successful option.2,4,5,20

A wealth of holistic antidepressant alternatives exist that people have been effectively using, some in fact for hundreds or thousands of years as opposed to the modern-day false hope of a quick fix by popping antidepressants. Antidepressants take weeks or months to work if they work at all.21

Though Remeron may appear well-tolerated, and side-effect-free during the onset, eventually many problems and side effects may emerge. Evidence shows that acupuncture, dietary changes, lifestyle changes, exercise, yoga, nutrients, supplements, and vitamins are a few effective therapies for depression, that don’t come with side effects.

Finding Root Causes for Depression at ATMC

remeron alternatives treatmentsPerhaps testing showed deficiencies in micro-nutrients or other essentials for optimal health. And was any program embarked on to correct these? Were there any other investigations? Was there low thyroid? 23 Were there exposures to neurotoxins like heavy metals (lead, cadmium, mercury, etc.) or accumulations of other toxins that destroy energy metabolism? 24 Were allergies to food present whereby internal inflammations caused the metabolism to slow? 25 Were lifestyle factors looked at, such as never exercising or spending all of one’s time indoors out of the sun? 26,27 All of these precursors have been conclusively shown to play a contributing role in depression.

Alternative to Meds Center finds the real-time biological, lifestyle, and medical reasons why an individual might be suffering from symptoms such as depression, anxiety, or inability to sleep. We vigorously and effectively investigate and correct what was found. Our drug treatment program includes lab tests, stabilizing the neurochemistry using natural substances, detoxification that safely removes accumulated neurotoxins, colon hydrotherapy, medically supervised medication tapering and withdrawal, IV treatment, diet modification and targeted nutritional therapies, peer support programs, yoga, therapeutic massage, equine therapy, art therapy, acupuncture, and the use of other holistic therapies that can combat depression.

Please give us a call and receive a better understanding of how natural Remeron alternatives can help individuals just like you or your loved one effectively, gently, and comfortably regain natural mental health, without the negative side effects associated with prescription drugs.

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