Risperdal Addiction

Risperdal Addiction

Although Risperdal is not supposed to be addictive, after long-term use of this drug, physical and psychological dependence can occur and snowball into Risperdal addiction.

Risperdal dependence and withdrawal from this drug should only be addressed with the help of a health practitioner. The safest and most comfortable way to end this addiction would be in the care of an inpatient treatment facility. Inpatient facilities with a Risperdal addiction help program that includes vitamins, supplements and hydration, can allow many patients to safely stop taking antipsychotics.

Commonly known addictions are to drugs or alcohol, but it’s equally as possible to form an addiction to anything from chocolate to gambling, video games to antipsychotic drugs. Risperdal, also known as Risperidone is a second-generation or atypical antipsychotic prescribed for mania, irritability in children, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, mood disorders, and schizo-affective disorder.

Long-term use with this drug may inevitably lead to Risperdal antipsychotic addiction and physical dependency. Antipsychotic addiction is unintentional in most cases, but as with most drugs, regular long-term use is likely to cause the individual to become dependent upon the drug to perform in everyday life.

In time, the body becomes adapted to consumption of an antipsychotic and eventually the brain will stop performing certain functions because the actions of the drug have taken over. There is no single reason why addictions develop but whatever the addiction is, the individual either can’t control how they use it or become dependent upon it to make it through daily life. For example, addictions to drugs, alcohol and nicotine can change the way one feels both physically and mentally; some people enjoy this and feel strong desires to repeat. This can happen over and over again, eventually becoming a difficult habit to break because it has become a part of everyday life.

Having an addiction to Risperdal typically means you are dependent on this medication; if you don’t have this drug; it is less pleasant than having it, also see Risperdal alternatives for more information on this subject. Additionally, the longer you use an antipsychotic, the more tolerant the body can become to the drug until a larger amount is needed and possibly more frequently to produce the same effect.

Doctors will usually have no problem increasing the dosage of an antipsychotic due to tolerance, since they consider the drug non-addictive. This can make addiction worse, and it won’t be long until the dose will need to be increased again. There are many organizations that can provide Risperdal withdrawal treatment, advice, support and guidance for individuals with antipsychotic addiction.

What are Risperdal alternatives? In order to successfully withdrawal from Risperdal, Alternative to Meds Center uses the following methods. Lab tests are first performed to find what may be the cause of the original issues. Toxicity is often found to be the problem. Even if the toxicity is a result of genetics, or environment, the goal is to clear the person of toxins. We restrict caffeine, sugar, processed foods, and cigarettes and utilize supplements which are known for their beneficial effects in individuals going through withdrawal and supplements that support inhibitory aspects of neurochemistry.

This program’s goal is to stabilize neurochemistry with natural substances, and removal of accumulated environmental neurotoxins, and other targeted nutritional therapy such as IV amino therapy, peer support, personal exercise training, yoga, massage and additional holistic therapies to attend to anticipated symptoms of withdrawal. Gain additional insight into what the underlying reasons are for why antipsychotics may have been prescribed, and how we can provide professional and effective Risperdal addiction help – call us today at the number listed on this page.

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