Surgery is a common gateway for opiate dependence and addiction.

“Doc, slice me open, and don’t give me anything for the pain.” Well that is surely not going to meet with much workability. Surgery is undeniably a painful procedure, hence the use of anaesthesia medications both during and post surgical procedure. The only problem is that often the pain medication becomes a new and lingering problem long after the injury or procedure has healed. Too often the solution of addictive pain medication has, sometimes just a short time later, become a new problem.

Sometimes back surgery is done to alleviate chronic pain that has become unbearable and sometimes the surgery can be botched, or just doesn’t relieve the situation as was hoped. These things can compound the already tragic chronic pain situation. Physicians will, by and large, first recommend non surgical means to alleviate chronic pain such as specially targeted exercise and stretching regimens, or wearing a brace to help relieve pressure on sensitive or inflamed nerves ( pain receptors ). Once these or other methods are proven ineffective, only then would a physician usually recommend surgery. Sometimes lifelong use of pain medication is unavoidable and this is not something a person can change. But using a clear strategy of alternative means to attempt to handle the problem before surgery or addictive drugs can be the strategy that may help to avoid such a lifelong problem. Whether the surgery being elected is to relieve chronic pain, or whether heart surgery is at hand, or for any kind of surgery at all, it would be prudent to put in place a clear recovery plan so as to avoid the problem of lingering addiction and pain.

Even when surgery is necessary, opiate addiction does not have to be the result.

If one is now suffering from post surgical physical pain and/or opiate addiction and one would like to search non invasive methods to help reduce pain and get life back on track, call the number on this page. Alternative to Meds Center may have some options that have not yet been considered in strategizing a healing plan that can be pre or post surgery to avoid a lifelong need for opiates.


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