Physical Injury

Physical Injury

Physical Injury

You don’t have to become dependent on the medication you were prescribed for a physical injury.

It is a disturbing fact that many patients become unwittingly addicted to pain pills after a physical injury, as these pills are the front line treatment for physical injury, and they are highly addictive. This problem is becoming so rampant, that it has embarrassed the medical profession into running ad campaigns that are redefining addiction. You may not be addicted, if Dr. so and so prescribed, you’re only physically dependent. Totally different scenario, say the doctors that are getting a little sensitive to public criticism about over prescribing highly addictive substances to relieve the pain of physical injury.

Patients are commonly mislead by the medical industry that although prescribed pain pills like oxycontin, percocets, and the like, are likely to cause physical dependence, and do require managed withdrawal from them, that they are not addictive. Facts are facts and mixing up the nomenclature won’t turn the heat down on this ever worsening problem. Physical injury symptoms often do require pain management. A well strategized recovery plan may or may not include narcotics. Since the medical profession has become less than trustworthy on this issue, it is wise to become one’s own recovery strategist. For soft or muscle tissue injury, one can request a non narcotic anti-inflammatory type drug. One will need to rest. When possible, one will need to gently exercise the area, probably best with a physiotherapist to guide the process. For a broken bone, casts or wraps are usually employed to protect and stabilize the area while the bones mend. Due to the nerves contained in the bones and traumatized tissues, pain can be extreme.

There are drug-free, non-invasive, and effective techniques to repair injuries and relieve pain.

Bromelain ( from fresh pineapple for instance ) is a good anti-inflammatory if eaten some hours before or after a meal. Herbs like horsetail can be tinctured and added to a soak or bath, to aid in the healing process, and to relieve pain. While this is just an example, is serves to make a larger case of the fact that there are several, often very effective, alternatives available for physical injury treatment.

The point is that there are alternatives to opiates in your recovery plan after physical injury.

If one has become addicted to pain pills after physical injury, and the recovery plan has spiralled out of control, call the Alternative to Meds Center. We can help get a sound recovery plan back under control and get our clients safely and comfortably through any drug withdrawals from the pain pills that may have been prescribed. This will speed the healing and get one’s life back under control. Call the number listed on this page today for more information.

Physical Injury

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