Clozaril Withdrawal Success

Clozaril Withdrawal Success Stories

I am feeling very stable. I am sleeping well at night and waking up smoothly in the morning.

Sep 18, 2014

At age 18 I experienced my first psychotic break and was prescribed Clozaril, an antipsychotic, after being hospitalized.

Prior to that I was on my way to college. After the medication college became an afterthought. Everyday was a struggle just to get out of bed due to the side effects of Clozaril. When prescribed Clozaril it requires weekly blood draws to ensure that the white blood cell count does not drop too low. There was a point where it did drop too low, and I had to discontinue Clozaril.

The Clozaril withdrawal symptoms I experienced were extreme nausea, an overall inability to consume liquids or solid food. This went on for a couple of months. Clozaril was reinstated when I was 20 years old after being hospitalized again and I continued to take it for a little over a year. I tried to take matters into my own hands and stop taking Clozaril cold turkey. After about a week of experiencing nausea and inability to sleep it was beginning to look like I would be on antipsychotics for a long time.

After that week was over my mother told me about Alternative to Meds Center in Sedona, Arizona. I did some research and read the countless success stories of antipsychotic withdrawals and figured this would be the best bet for me to successfully taper off of Clozaril. I am now close to graduating at the center and have now completely tapered off of Clozaril.

The people here at the center have been very supportive throughout this process. I have built many friendships here that I will surely never forget. I am confident that I am on my way back to continue my education and get my life back on track.


September 2014

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