Methamphetamine Detox Success

Methamphetamine Detox Success

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I have so much appreciation for all of the staff and the extraordinary support they provide.

Okay let’s see here. When first starting neurotoxin removal, time appeared to go by very slowly, I felt very antsy, and I was in and out all the time! But when I was in I was sweating buckets, and enjoyed feeling that. I also would exercise when I was in there by bicycling my feet around in air that burned from the heat in the top of the sauna. Soon I discovered that my mind had more clarity, my soul felt a lot more peace and serenity, and in the end overall calmness. I noticed that the skin on my face had not as many wrinkles, and my fingernails had been growing more rapidly. I feel much stronger and still want Echinacea!

I have been sleeping really well here except for two nights. Only on two nights though, and my dreams were crazy and preventing me from sleep. I’ve been feeling a little bit stiff however I know that when I start exercising and working out the stiffness will disappear. It always does, and I’m not a person who can sit still for long.

Another huge improvement: it felt like maybe I was getting something inside of my lungs. So I asked for some Echinacea, got in bed, stayed there, and rested. This is very uncharacteristic of me; I would never rest before, particularly to help prevent/avoid feeling run down. I am just so grateful, thankful, absolutely blessed to have had this wonderful opportunity.

I thank God for blessing me with the most perfect timing for all of this, and everyone for allowing me to have this most perfect opportunity for cleaning myself from meth with methamphetamine detox.