Klonopin, Ketamine, Adderall Taper Success

Klonopin, Ketamine, Adderall Taper - Success Stories

The staff were rather supportive and caring, which I appreciated deeply. What this place had offered was more than I could possibly expect.

Klonopin, Ketamine, Adderall Success

Apr 26, 2012

Initially, I feared for the worst. I had lost all my friends to the transition of adulthood, transpired and manifested as an overload of restless nerves, and later lead to disconnection from my core.

I began my journey. The journey of medical institution. And I thought, “Oh boy. This is going to be a long road. (What if I’m on this forever?)” My mother told me I was going to be, but realistically I knew that couldn’t happen.

Thus lead to ATMC, after five years of being stuck in the game/loop. I used to be on Ketamine, Klonopin, and Adderall for years, (dozen more prior.) But, came in on just Klonopin. Greeted by some fella’s watching football, I was very anxious to see what was in store for me. What this place had offered was more than I could possibly expect. The staff were rather supportive and caring, which I appreciated deeply. Sincerely, the residents came to abide by my side with genuity, comfortability, and knowledge of wisdom to keep myself reassured.

Back to the Klonopin taper experience, it took me eight weeks to taper off 3.5mg of Klonopin. I did it by never declining a taper; I know my limits and my willpower of perseverance rode through the storm on a lone saddle, the thunder of the night banging in the background. Nothing could stop this cowboy from delivering the message he needed to. On it, the message spoke “Freedom.” Freedom had me continue. The strength of a missing part of my life to keep myself together. The store was only just opening, it ain’t closing down yet! Henceforth, I am here. I ready for the adventure. Bring it life– what you got, what you got!

Lucas B.

Woodinville, WA


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