Positive Drug Rehab Experience

Positive Drug Rehab Experience

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Yes I must admit that words cannot express completely what Olivia’s recovery means to me.

We are so grateful for our Olivia. She is a very talented, bright and sensitive young woman. Today while we were talking to her, she was drawing. She has not practiced any art since the divorce of her father and me when she was about seven years old; however her art projects in high school were brilliant.

For Lyle I hope that it is gratifying to see a person recover right under his eyes, and now he can see the real person in Olivia. All of the changes in Olivia that have occurred since this experience seem to be very positive, she is much wiser, more accepting, more open, and much more grateful. The other clients at ATMC call her “raven”. My raven, I had called her River since she was a young girl, but perhaps Raven is more targeted. The birds association to intelligence is very fitting and she’s also always had a very aware and watchful quality.

I would have to take song and poetry in order to speak a language of spirit and heart necessary to express the totality of this experience’s meaning to the heart of a mother.

As I had said over the phone, this is my whole life and means everything to me; it’s her life, the life of her sister, and unborn generations. This means my lineage will carry on into the future for several generations.

Love, Cheryl

(Olivia’s mom)