Successful Discontinuation After Fifteen Years of Medication

Successful Discontinuation After Fifteen Years of Medication

... I feel much better and I am excited to live my life medication free.

Nov 2, 2010

I have been on and off psychiatric medications for fifteen years always coming off my medications cold turkey, because I was coming off them cold turkey I constantly suffered from withdraw symptoms: hallucinations, delusions, and paranoia.

Every time I took my medication it felt like I went through a death. I finally couldn’t take this feeling anymore and called my sister who got on the phone and found the Alternative to Meds Center for me. She explained I would be entering a taper program and using a special diet and supplemental program. Using the taper program I have had no problems coming off my medication and everything has been smooth, no hallucination, delusions or paranoia.

The vitamins and minerals seem to be doing the job because I feel more energized and calm with a feeling of self-worth. The diet I am on is controlling my hypoglycemia and because it is being controlled I don’t experience and of the ups and downs I used to have. In general I feel much better and I am excited to live my life medication free.


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