Oxycontin Addiction Corrected by Neurotoxin Removal Program

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Basically, I must thank everyone for helping me get back into tiptop shape and getting that huge burden off of my back.

Well I came to ATMC with a whole lot of HOPE. I gave 110%, and everything worked out.

I had work that I needed to do, as I was taking large doses of Oxycontin between 500 and 800 mg daily. I was honestly fairly skeptical of the entire program when first starting my opiate medication detox, but kept my mind open and listened carefully to my advisors, Amanda, Jimmy, and Cassie which all paid off.

I had some wins that were amazing. Since I’m a musician my songwriting was coming back full force about 15 days into it and everything sounded the best it had ever had even compared to when I was all doped up, which is when songwriting has been known to be sound the “best”!

After about 6 days, my sex drive hit and whoa — and my lady came to see me around 3 days after this which I’m pretty sure made her happy to have my old self back! And I feel that I’ve always been a decent father but after 2 or 3 days into the program I developed an overwhelming desire to get home and do my very best. My son, who is 13, is at that point where he is really looking up to me, so I just want to really guide him to become a solid good man.

I was really not sure if the strong Oxycontin cravings would ever go away. For the first three-and-a-half weeks, every morning I felt like an important part of my mind was missing. However, the cravings are greatly reduced and my brain is back.

So—yeah, I believe in the ATMC program, the supplements they use and the nutrition are huge factors in feeling good. When I came here I weighed 245 and I’m now at 219 feeling much better. The chef really has the program down pat. I have learned the tools from him that I can take home so that my family can also live a healthier, life that is less weighed-down. Along with the nutrition is exercise, which I think is one of the biggest keys to feel good.

Basically, I must thank everyone for helping me get back into tiptop shape and getting that huge burden off of my back. I do not ever want to be sick from dope again and think that is enough alone to keep me away from Oxycontin, “the devil.”

Oxycontin Addiction Corrected by Neurotoxin Removal Program
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