Freedom from Fear by Truth

Freedom from Fear by Truth

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Hey buddies, pals and beauties. Today is my last weekday here, I’m leaving Sunday, and I want to impart what I’ve learned here, and perhaps more importantly how I’ve grown.

For years I’ve struggled trying to find ways to get off my meds, I’ve tried cold turkey, I’ve tried supplements, but again and again without the support of others I was unable to accomplish what I desired. The freedom and wellbeing of my mind was and is one of my highest priorities. And yet for years it eluded me.

I could tell you of the terrors I’ve seen, the trials I’ve faced, and how my own fears could manifest as demons in my thought.

But none of these pains matter anymore, they are dead, and they are gone.

Rather I would like to tell you about who I really am. About the heart of my spirit that chained for decades now tears free. For I could not have recognized my own nature and self without the support of both this program and more importantly the support of this atmosphere of friendship and acceptance.

Of all the thoughts that have been given form in my head, here is one of the most important.

Of all the fears that a person can have, the worst is the fear of truth.

The truth that we are afraid to face contains the very knowledge that can release us from that fear.

Only by embracing truth can we see the hope that can guide our lives in the right direction.

Nothing requires more courage than facing the lies that we have come to believe.

Yet nothing is more rewarding than discovering the truth on the other side.

And we are here to experience that journey. To fight against the lies that poisonous medicine is the only way we will ever control our own mind. To fight against the pessimistic beliefs that destroy our psyche and eventually our lives.

I profess, there is another side to that journey, you may feel like you are swimming across a turbulent river about to sweep you away.

But across those waves of chaos there is a beach where you will see the sun more clearly.

I know the power of faith, of passionate belief, of a guiding force in life.

So I will tell you mine.

It is a phrase best said in Latin: Ad infinitum veritas.

It means both “Until the end truth” and “Ever onward truth”.

I cannot easily describe how much this phrase means to me.

Suffice it to say there is an order to all creation. An answer to every question.

And it is no coincidence that life came to be, that it grew to conceive the truth more and more.

Life was meant to be, and you were meant to be in it, despite all the pain you may feel, the fear that can drive you, the loss you experience.

You have a purpose, you were intended, and you can only succeed at what you were meant to do.

I wish you all beauty and wellbeing in your lives, may you live and love.

Paul H.